Walking down the grocery store aisle a couple days ago I couldn’t help but notice all the healthy and ‘good for you’ snacks that lined the shelves. Everything was “Organic,” “Natural,” “Pure.” We sure have come a long way in snacking when everything was loaded with trans-fat, preservatives and ingredients we couldn’t even pronounce. But while the food industry made strides toward healthy products, the beauty industry has lagged behind. Many beauty products still contain synthetics and chemicals that are harsh and irritating to the skin and hair. Shouldn’t we be just as concerned about what we put on our body as what we put in our body?

Enter Anita Grant. Creator of her namesake line, Anita Grant, which consists of natural and holistic beauty products. Her line, which you can find at antiagrant.com has filled the void that mainstream beauty companies have left in the marketplace. Anita Grant products are for the consumers that actually care about what they are applying to their hair and skin. Her product line provides a healthy alternative to look beautiful. Clutch talked to Anita Grant about her beauty philosophy and her start into the business.

Q: When did Anita Grant launch?
AnitaGrant.com was created on the 5th of December 2005.

Q: What’s the story behind Anita Grant?
It wasn’t until I blistered my hands using a store bought bottle of so called “safe synthetics” that I decided never to purchase another off the shelf product again. Since 2003, I’ve been making my own brand of lotions and potions for family and friends. During this time I also stopped relaxing my hair, joined Nappturality.com and found a group of ladies who also shared the same views about synthetics in our hair and skin care products. I lurked around the “Homemade” forum of Nappturality, asking questions, sharing recipes and swapping some of my homemade hair care goodies with members. Quite a number of them asked if I would ever consider selling my Goodies and here I am.

The way I see it is that you shouldn’t need a degree in chemistry to understand a product’s ingredient label. It’s so liberating to be able to read the label of a product, understand the ingredients contained within and say “NATURALLY, I can do better.”

Q: How can the ingredients in your products help maintain or rebuild healthy skin?
Our skin and hair have the most remarkable ability to absorb and react to whatever is topically applied to it. When anything touches our body, partially or completely, it can alter its state as well as our emotions.

Topical application and accumulation of natural ingredients not only nourishes but provides our bodies with beneficial vitamins and minerals that help maintain healthy skin and hair.

Approximately 60 percent of products used on our skin and hair are absorbed and deposited into the body and with that being the case I want to make sure that what I put on my body is as healthy as what I put in my body. So I make it my business to find out absolutely everything I can about the ingredients I use.

Each and every ingredient has a job to do. It’s all good and well, saying, “Oh, that smells lovely!” but when the scent fades it’s still got to keep on working.

Q: What makes Anita Grant different from its competitors?
Perhaps the quality of my hair and skin care goodies, or the customer service or maybe even the information on my website. I’m not 100 percent sure, but I do know that whatever it is people from all over the world like it.

Q: What’s included in your product line?
Rhassoul Deep Condish, Whipped Butters, Creamy Café Lattes,Organic Sapote Seed Oil, Camellia Kissi Oil, Lippy Pucker Lip Balms, Babassu Shampoo Bars, Coconut & Rosewood Dry Oil Spray and a whole host of other goodies.

Q: Why should our readers run out and purchase Anita Grant?
“When looking for hair and skin care products I would advise your readers to use the same values as they would when they are shopping for food. The skin is the largest organ that we have and yes it DOES matter what we put on it.

Regardless of whether your readers purchase hair and skin care goodies from anitagrant.com or not, in my humble opinion, I think that it is important for *all consumers* to educate themselves about the ingredients contained within the bottles and jars and determine what is best for them.

Q: What’s in the future of Anita Grant?
My aspirations are very simple as I would one day love to open a brick and mortar shop in four major cities – London, Madrid, Toronto and NYC.

Whipped ButterOrganic Marula OilRhassoul Deep CondishRhassoul Deep Condish Block

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