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Need your daily fashion fix? Look no further than Batch Please, one of Clutch magazine’s favorite sites. This stylish blog is updated daily with the latest trends, fresh fashion finds, and celebrity style news as seen through the keen eye of Norell, the blog’s creator. With its crisp, creative layouts and down-to-earth tone, Batch Please is a must see for any fashion aficionado.


Norell: Batch Please

Why did you start Batch Please?
Batch Please came about more as a creative outlet for myself. I love fashion, but I’m also a tech geek, and I like to dabble in graphic design. So I’d wanted to start a blog, but I didn’t know what I would blog about. I wanted to choose a topic that I felt strongly about, and would be compelled to update frequently. And I knew with fashion, specifically celebrity fashion, that not only would I always have something to write about, but that I would also enjoy what I was doing.

When did Batch Please launch?
Batch Please went live on November 30th. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about blogging in nearly five months. I was such a novice back then (like it was so long ago). I had no plan, no posts ready, nothing. All I had was a design concept on how I wanted the blog to look.

What’s the story behind the name?
The story of the name is long, but not really, so I’ll give you the abridged version. “Batch” is a term my friends and I use to describe someone who’s incredibly fashionable, but not just regularly fashionable. It describes someone who takes fashion risks and makes them work, while also having an extreme confidence about it. Whenever someone wears something that’s just too fierce, instead of saying, “You better work, bitch,” we’d say, “You better work, Batch!” So Batch just became our new word, one that we regularly used in conversation. When I decided I was gonna do a fashion blog, I knew Batch had to be in the title. The word originally came from the phrase, “Walk, Batch, Walk” but I knew that wouldn’t work, so I just decided on Batch Please, a play on bitch please; it just flowed.

Describe the style and attitude of Batch Please?
I wanted the blog to feel feminine, but not girly. I was inspired by the concept of a woman who’s smart, sophisticated, stylish, mature, yet is still modern and youthful at heart. I just tried to get that across in my design concept, but I’m ‘creatively restless,’ so I’m always inspired. I’ve been tempted to change the blog’s design numerous times, whenever I’m in a creative mood, but a blogger friend of mine recommended that I stick with what I have for a while.

Describe your creative inspiration?
I’ve always been inspired by color. I love putting together color schemes, and making color combinations work that most people wouldn’t try. I’m in school for interior design, and my strong suit has always been color, so when I’m working with color, that creativeness usually flows into other outlets.

Name some of your favorite designers and artist and tell us why?
I’m a shoe fanatic, so right now, my favorite designer is Christian Louboutin. Those ‘Fox Trot’ Louboutin’s that Beyonce has? I’ve fallen in love with them. As far as clothes go, I’m a big fan of Rachel Roy. Her designs are so creative, unique and insanely feminine. If you can’t tell I’m all about the feminine. I love dresses, and I love high heels (even though I don’t wear them all the time).

How has blogging changed your life?
I’ve only been blogging for about five months, but it has affected my life. I’ve met some great people through networking, and I’ve found something that I really enjoy doing.

What is the future of Batch Please?
Right now, I’ve really only just hit my stride with blogging. I’ve finally figured out what posting frequency works for me, what type of posts I want to do, what type of design I want my posts to have. So I’m just focused on growth right now. I feel that I have great content, but I’ve just got to get the word out there. Perhaps in a few more months I’ll sit down and come up with some long term goals. I kind of started blogging on a whim; I didn’t have any plans. But now that I’ve developed a readership, and discovered that I really enjoy this, I have to start thinking about the future.

In five words describe Batch Please?
Wow, just five words?
fierce, fabulous (I just love those two words), fun, feminine, foxy

Why should someone add Batch Please to his or her daily blog reading list?
There must be thousands of fashion blogs out there. But what sets Batch Please apart (or at least what I think sets it apart) is that I try to reach my readers on a personal level. I try to write all of my articles as though I’m just chatting with a friend. With a lot of fashion blogs that I read, the tone can sometimes be pretentious. I’m not some industry insider, so I just try to write for the ‘regular’ girls.

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