No, I’m not talking about THAT, I’m talking about the diamond size of an engagement ring. Ironically though, the response is the same for both. There is no yes or no answer because it all depends on a woman’s personal style. However, if you prefer big diamonds, this may be the only time you can admit to your man without hurting his ego that bigger is actually better. Although it’s obvious that every woman’s style is different, there is no denying that we like to be admired and want a diamond that can be viewed without using a magnifying glass or microscope. So while size may or may not matter, style definitely does.

Traditionally, men are expected to find the perfect ring and hope the love of his life will say YES. Today, there is a new trend and neo-tradition emerging, women are choosing their own rings and relieving their man of such torture. I applaud this new tradition and rightfully agree that women should be selecting their own perfect style diamond ring. Especially, since we are expected to wear it for the rest of our married lives. Right?

From our clothes to our shoes we women are all unique in various ways. Some of us like big diamonds, some of us like them small, some like the traditional bands and some of us like the contemporary ones. It is for these same reasons we should be totally involved in the ring selection process. Not only does this joint effort solidify your satisfaction with your ring, it will pave the way for future jewelry purchases because your man will have complete knowledge of what you like and dislike. Hopefully. More importantly, engagement rings are one of the most prized possessions a female will ever have. It is the only piece of jewelry we will wear everyday and be proud to show off. Why shouldn’t it be anything less than something we love? I even think this new trend makes the proposal more exciting by eliminating the fear of getting that “not so you” ring and getting the one that is a reflection of you.

So while the size of the diamond may not be important, it is what individually works for us that is. That’s why the most important element in the grand scheme of it all is that two people have decided to share a life together in matrimony and when it’s all is said and done that is the only thing that truly matters.

Until next time –

~Rashana Hooks

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