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  • I tell people about you every chance I get….think about taking out a paid ad..thats what Im planning to do early 08 when Im fully up and running.

    leslie arnelle

  • BrownSkinLady

    Hey, you guys should create a banner (Html) for us to put on our myspace pages. That would be cool!

  • Francine

    I discovered you on Concrete Loop and I have to say that I love the magazine the whole concept. I enjoy the articles and the pics. You cover everything. I have and will continue to spread the word!

    PS. I can create a ClutchMagonline Group on Facebook and post your website address.

  • Ney54

    I agree with the banner idea. I will be creating monthly newsletters for the D.A.M.S.E.L.S. Lit club that I am a founder of and it would be great to send a banner attached to the letter.

  • Ru

    i have my own site post a link to this site.
    im in love with the site man!