Let Me Upgrade You…



It’s almost summer time. Time to put your fly boots to the back of the closet and pull out those bad strappy sandals. Time to start shaving your legs again (unless you have a man who sees them on a regular basis, in which case you should be shaving all year long). Time to slip off that bulky coat and slip into an ultra lady like dress. Sun on your face, breeze in your hair and a pep in your step; It’s summer! And while your busy transforming your closet to represent the change in temperature, take a few minutes and use our cheat sheet to revamp your makeup routine for the fun days of summer.

Summer Cheat Sheet

1. SPF- Make sure your beauty routine has a healthy dose of SPF, which protects you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Easy ways to incorporate this vital ingredient into your daily beauty routine are to use a foundation or lip gloss with SPF added. SPF doesn’t change the consistency or efficiency of a product. It just helps to protect you from the sun’s unhealthy rays and will help you look 35 at 55 if you keep up with it. That alone should send you to the store to pick up products!

2. Lighten up your load with a tinted moisturizer. Throw the heavy foundation to the back of your makeup case and stock up on some tinted moisturizer. It goes on sheer and provides you with coverage while still allowing your skin to breath. Try Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 ($30, stilacosmetics.com) it is packed with sun protection and just enough color to even skin tone. It’s a cinch to apply and stays on all day.

3. Time for your lips to shine like the sun. Switch your heavy lipstick for a light lip gloss. It is a quick update for your look and totally spells summer. Tarte’s Inside Out Vitamin Lip Gloss ($21, sephora stores nationwide) is a perfect summer gloss with a little extra punch. Try Liquid Sunshine, which is a sheer iridescent nude color and would look great with a bikini! Tarte’s lipgloss not only has a sexy sheen but it also has natural vitamins added to soothe and hydrate your lips. Slick some gloss on those lips and let them be the focus of everyone as you sip on your ice-cold lemonade or your dirty martini.

4. Try some fun shades. Whether you change the color of your mascara or slick on a cool shade of eye shadow. Summer is the time to have fun and experiment. The days are longer and the nights are hotter, so now is the time to spice things up with a hint of color. Some colorful products for the summer are Diorshow Waterproof Makeup in Azzure Blue ($23, sephora.com) or try a great green like M.A.C.’s Springtime Skipper Shadow ($14, maccosmetics.com).



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