Marie Deneen, founded by Rashida Marie Morgan, 26, believes that passion starts from within and passion is what yields positive results in life, love and communities. “Our passion is providing top quality products and assisting the communities that provide us with the ingredients,” said Rashida.

The line currently consists of body washes, lotions, shea butter and mineral based lipsticks which contain natural ingredients. In fact, coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter are the three key ingredients in all Marie Deneen products. In addition, all of the coconut oil used is obtained directly from Jamaica, as well as the shea butter, which is imported from West Africa.

Rashida has wanted to start her own beauty line from a young age. Not only did she have dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur, she also believed in giving back to the world community. That’s why a percentage of her proceeds go to various causes. For example, five percent of sales from Island Breeze’s Body washes and lotions will go to Global Giving’s, West African projects, as well as a Jamaican education program.

Uniquely designed, Marie Deneen body washes and lotions comprise The Upside line. These bottles can be placed upside down, but can be used the typical way as well. The UPSIDE is based on the principle of the bottle being half full instead of half empty. Following this principle, we believe in assisting the communities that provide the ingredients used in our products.

Bronze ShimmerGolden GlamCoconut Rainfall Body LotionCocoa Shea Body Lotion
To learn more about Marie Deneen and view the entire product line please log-on now to www.mariedeneen.com

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