Muslim Americans are largely integrated in US society and moderate in their views, a nationwide survey suggests. The study by the Pew Research Center says US Muslims – most of whom are immigrants – believe in the American work ethic and reject extremism. Their income and education levels mirror those of the general US public, according to the survey. However, most respondents say life has become more difficult for US Muslims since the 11 September attacks.

The survey – entitled Muslim Americans, Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream – estimates the number of adult Muslims in the US at 1.5 million, and says 65% are immigrants. Among native-born Muslims, about half are African American – many of whom are converts.

Overall, the study says, Muslim Americans have a positive view of US society at large. Most say their communities are excellent or good places to live. As many Muslim Americans as members of the general public express satisfaction with the state of the nation, the authors say. Moreover, 71% of Muslim Americans agreed that people could get ahead in the US by working hard – the figure for the general public was 64%.

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