Editor’s Note 008

Editor’s Note > – May 13, 2007 – by Dale Coachman

Happy Mother’s Day to all, and I’d like to take the time out to thank my mother for doing the best job that a single mom could do. Really to the women out there who are doing the best they can just to survive…stay up. In the light of all the recent comments from men of all colors and creeds from Imus to D.L. Hughley we here at Scheme are here to celebrate the many facets and capacities that you all work, live, and exist in.

The theme for this issue is really about independence, freedom and having the ability to not compromise one’s beliefs and what better people to elaborate and set examples of these principles than idependent and liberated artists like cover story Eric Roberson, the dynamic trio that is Sa-Ra Creative Partners, and DJ Ultraviolet and much more throughout the next two weeks.

Again to all women of color we here at Scheme Magazine just want to say we appreciate you and all and everything that you are to family, friends and the like.

Stay Up.

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