patseykline_full3.jpg Six years ago, three women with creative minds came together with a dream to take vintage clothing to the next level. Combining “urban street style” with “couture elegance,” they birthed the clothing line Sistahs of Harlem – and the fashion game hasn’t been the same since! Located in the epicenter of cultural infusion, Harlem’s continual evolution and increasing diversity provides inspiration, allowing their garments to mirror the beauty of its environment and people.

With carefully selected fabrics, chosen from vintage racks, Sistahs of Harlem creates innovative and unique pieces custom made and individually tailored. Each collection with its own themes: Spring 2003’s “Rastafarian Street Punk,” Fall 2003’s “Les Femmes du Monde,” Spring 2004’s “Afro Cuban” and Spring 2005’s “Earth Song,” all tell a story through color, style and print.

Mouthwatering designs are the forte of Sistah’s of Harlem. Continued success has turned them from a budding clothing line to an international brand. Celebrity clients listed are Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, Quest Love and Black Thought.

Sistahs of Harlem has also introduced a new, moderately priced clothing line for teens, called “SHNY.” Geared towards fashion conscious teens at affordable prices, the collection includes trendy halters, ruffled t-shirts and cute mini skirts. Being street chic can now be a family affair!

In addition to clothing, Sistahs of Harlem has a wonderful accessory line to compliment their garments. Vintage paperboy hats and stylish fedoras, detailed with leather patches and sequins, deliver old beauty with a twist of modernism. Handbags and arm warmers are also customized in vintage motif.

Providing street elegance infused with the culture and history of Harlem, Sistahs of Harlem continues to be a testament of beauty, strength and innovation!

Sistahs of Harlem’s garments are cultivated from hand-selected fabrics and images. Each collection is comprised of a variation of energetic shirts, eye catching dresses and skirts, electric hot shorts, sleek slacks, stylish sweaters and tailored blazers and jackets.

To view the entire Fall 2007 collection and to find out store locations please visit Sistah’s of Harlem



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