This is our first interview for our new feature called “Sister’s Supporting Sisters”. This monthly feature will highlight women of color living their entrepreneurial dreams. Sister’s Supporting Sisters was started due to the lack of outlets to feature the immense talent and creativity among women of color. So many times when we are trying to pursue our dreams and goals we are surrounded by negativity, jealously or plain old dream killers. Sadly, a lot of us can’t handle the lack of support and become unfocused and deterred, which usually scares us away from potential success.

We really have to begin to support each other more in business and life in general. Let’s form a strong network of relationships with each other to help make our climb to the top just a little bit easier – even if they just happen to be going after the same dream as you. Because honestly, there is enough money for all of us to do our thing and still be supportive at the same time.

The Sister to Support: Liz Jackson
Name of Business, Website, or Service: Savvy Socialite

Clutch: What’s Savvy Socialite?
SS: Savvy Socialite is an online lifestyle webzine focused on providing women of color information about new and exciting trends and events in fashion, beauty, entertainment, arts and culture, food and travel.

Clutch: What made you decide to start Savvy Socialite?
SS: I have always had a knack for knowing Who? What? When? Where? and Why? about anything from vacations to Cannes under $700 to the shoe sale for women with feet over size 11; coupled with a passion for fashion, travel, arts and culture, events, philanthropy, writing and entrepreneurship. One day I happened to read an online marketing trade journal about African Americans and our online usage and found out that we use the internet more than any other race as a source for information but, there was little representation of us and our diverse lifestyle reflected online. I had an “Aha moment” and decided to create a webzine and a newsletter that reaches women of color (which mainstream media sometimes forgets) and give them information that they wouldn’t normally find or hear about. After putting a plan together I approached some investors and got the start up capital needed and put the plan in action. My goal for Savvy Socialite to become a daily watering hole for us, where we can find any and everything that we need.

Clutch: What’s the definition of a Savvy Socialite?
SS: A Savvy Socialite is a woman who is in the know! From benefits and balls to samples sales and spas, she knows it all and everyone knows her. She’s like the one friend that we all have who always gets invited to posh parties and getaways and doesn’t mind splurging on herself or loved ones. She is an intelligent, sophisticated, and socially active woman, who doesn’t accept mediocrity as a way of life. She expects and accepts only the best in life and has the drive a determination to achieve those things.

Clutch: Is SS similar to Daily Candy?
SS: I get that question a lot. I don’t want to really compare Savvy Socialite to Daily Candy but, one day it will be as big.

Do you have any surprises or big plans for SS? If so, can you give us a hint!?
SS:Yes!!! We are planning to expand to podcasting a lifestyle show and creating a non-profit for arts education. Also, we are planning an official launch party in August!!!

Clutch: Are you still in Corporate America or is this your full time gig?
SS: I did the Corporate America thing for about four years and realized that the culture really didn’t fit me. I wanted to see the world not a cubicle everyday. And being in a khaki clad world took a toll on me creatively. I spent most of my time trying to figure out my escape route off the 12th floor and daydreaming of running my own company. I have a quasi corporate gig now, that is truly supportive of SS. I work full time in marketing for an African American newspaper which is an experience in itself, and it is definitely fabulous!

Clutch: How do you think we as women of color can help build each other up and help make our dreams a reality?
SS: As women of color we can help build each other by doing what Clutch is doing now, reaching out to others. We definitely should encourage women to step out of societal boxes and create their own path to happiness.

Please log-on and support Savvy Socialite – and drop Liz a line sometimes! Just a short note of inspiration can mean the world to the person receiving it.

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