Degree = Job…Maybe Not


10197074.jpgDoes obtaining a college degree guarantee a career? That is the question a lot of people have started asking themselves lately. It is also the assumption a lot of students entering into college believe. Even post-graduate students believe that a masters degree is going to finally get them where they want to be. For some that’s true, but for a lot of us, that’s one big expensive myth.

I truly believe getting a college education is essential and will aid in obtaining a challenging career as well as help you mentally grow but sometimes I ask myself was it worth it? Was it worth the debt, stress, parental and family expectations that a lot of people including myself go through after graduation? Is a degree even needed in order to be successful? Honestly, it seems like a lot of individuals without degrees get in the door a lot faster than those of us with degrees. I know this is not true for all industries, but in some this is a reality.

For instance, take Nikki M. – she was the top student of our class in undergrad and went on to New York University where she obtained her masters… guess what!… no job – can’t find one to save her life and she is eager and has experience. Now, take my other friend Faith, she has no college education and works for Daimler Chrysler she makes over $55,000. Lastly, there’s Mike-he graduated top of his class at Morehouse, he’s now an intern at a record label in New York. Mike is hoping and praying that his internship will open up an entry-level opportunity for him.

I can go on and on about intelligent and eager college graduates that have either great internship or work experience and are still waiting for that call back. When and if they finally get a callback from the hundreds of resumes they have submitted it’s usually an entry-level position starting at $30,000. And, yeah…I know someone is saying “that’s life..work your way up like I did,” you’re right, but $30,000 come on…when your loans are $35,000 + (if you went to an HBCU or private institution…you know what I’m talking about), gas is $2.89 per gallon and all the bills of being an adult are starting to roll in – we are often pushed right back into our bedroom at our parents home gazing at the same four pink walls while sleeping in our “princess” canopy bed.

I am a firm believer that education should be free and if they are going to make us pay for education there should at least be enough jobs available to handle all the grads of the world. If not, make it easier for young entrepreneurs to start businesses to help aid in the employment decline. There are so many reports stating that employment is available for anyone who wants a job…. HUH…IS IT! Tell that to Nikki and everyone else out there temping with a degree as an administrative assistant or working at Kroger to help pay the rent along with the EVIL, HEARTLESS SALLIE MAE crew.

Good Luck!

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