Don’t Call Me N!gga


untitled1.jpgAuthor/ Freelance Writer Zekita Tucker brings you the new and more powerful revised edition of her highly controversial children’s book titled Don’t Call Me N!gga. This daring and critically honest book has kept both children and adults in amazement at the shockingly open display of emotions and the realistic language used by this books’ characters.

Already, Don’t Call Me N!gga has generated an enormous buzz across the country throughout many African American communities. Since its first publication in March 2006, Don’t Call Me N!gga has been featured by ABC World News on the very popular news site ABCnews.com, has made cover stories in African American newspapers and websites. Zekita Tucker has been interviewed by a Black Enterprise reporter for her courageous work on “Don’t Call Me N!gga” as well as the very popular The Ave. Magazine, and she has also been a guest on the Roland S. Martin Show, who is a CNN News commentator (Chicago) and The Intersection w/ Rebecca Roberts (DC).

Teaching your children about the affects of language is a great way to help them conquer some unforeseen battles in their lives. Don’t Call Me Nigga now published and reprinted by Zeniam Publications, written by Zekita and illustrated by Matthew Schultz, is a perfect tool for parents who want to combat the use of the ‘N’ word with their children but may not have other effective tools or resources. It is a perfect tool for children of all ages and is recommended for 8 years old and up.

The story focuses on the history of the so called ‘N’ word, its negative connotations, and its impact on the African American community. In this book the two main characters are faced with two very common dilemmas- conflict and self respect. This is the first children’s book that has ever addressed such a powerful issue in the African American community. Your children will be able to enjoy and learn from a story about children who look like them, use the same language codes, and may have similar viewpoints on the world. This book is a must read for all! It tackles responsibility for actions and the power of language. Zekita Tucker serves the community as an author and freelance writer. She is the Founder and CEO of Zeniam Publications, a company that offers literary services to both independent authors/ writers as well as businesses .

She has written many controversial articles about the problems in African American communities for newspapers across the country. Some of her many insightful works have appeared in the ABCnews.com Website, Award Winning St. Louis American Newspaper, Black Star News, Emerging Minds, Westside Gazette, The Indianapolis Recorder, The Black Suburban Journal (NJ Ed.), Gambia.net, The Jackson Advocate, Black Britain Magazine, and the very popular black British website Tytecurl.com and Timbooktu.

“Don’t Call Me N!gga” (Revised Edition) – ISBN# 978-1-60402-249-0 is available at www.zeniampublications.com, by call in order through Barnes & Noble (if it is not already on local shelf), and available at Amazon.com.

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