Get To Know: THE RAGE


1. PICK ME ou CHOISSIEZ MOI par NDEUR, $120, 2. MAPS par NDEUR, $120, 3. REAL FRENCH par NDEUR, $120, 4. JUSTICE par NDEUR, $120, Esty: The Rage

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  • ceecee

    Those are too CUTE!!

  • Nik

    Who is “raging” over these shoes? I think that my dislike for them stems from the fact that I like more classic styles.

  • These shoes look like they’ll make you feel enraged. Sorry, but not cute at all.

  • Mae

    I love them! I checked the link – she has some very creative shoes! I can see if you are in to classic styles this might not excite you, but it’s nice to see a *new* designer that’s different from the norm. Feeds my urban fashionista fix.