header-logo-new1.jpgHow would you like to have a successful handbag and accessories line with your significant other? Well, Toni Hacker of Hayden-Harnett does it everyday with with her boyfriend and business partner Ben Harnett. Hayden-Harnett is a line of leather and fabric handbags and accessories. Based in Brooklyn, partners Toni Hacker and Ben Harnett have created a line that features ultra-soft garment washed leathers in super-stylish and totally practical shapes and sizes. Hayden-Harnett’s details are impeccable, from the well placed studs and hardware to the adjustable straps and clip-on tassles and chains. Toni has been designing for handbags and accessories for years. Born and raised in the south, Toni not only is an extraordinary designer, but a musician who has played in several rock bands. The Ying to Toni’s Yang, Ben grew up in upstate New York and currently resides in Brooklyn the home of Hayden-Harnet and the apple of his eye…Toni.

1. Orsay Printed Linen Satchel, Green Floral, $460, 2. LES FLEUR Painted Leather Clutch, Vachetta, $405, 3. Tokyo Clutch, Lavender, $238, 4. Cannes Tote, White, $675, 5.Cannes Tote, Saffron, $675, 6.Gaza Large Satchel, Teal/Whiskey, $278, Hayden-Harnett

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