bruce_bruce.jpgAnticipation filled my body as I heard the mailman’s footsteps vastly approaching. Could this be the moment that would determine the course of my life? For several weeks I would check the mailbox in hopes of receiving an acceptance letter to my school of choice just to walk away empty-handed. But this day was different, I could feel it in the air, he looked at me with a smile and told me to have a good day. I barely could get in the door as I shifted through envelopes of all shapes and sizes. To my hopes there it was staring me in my face. Like a child at Christmas I ripped open the packaging. In big bold black letters it read” Congratulations you have been accepted.” Overwhelmed with emotion I called my family and friends because shawty was on her way to the A! That’s right the Atlanta University Center. But all the Bankhead bouncing in the world couldn’t prepare me for life at a HCBU.

Stepping into the AU was like a different world (no pun intended). Brown faces everywhere, we controlled everything behind those walls. And for a moment in time it felt great. But when I seen Bruce Bruce (the comedian) at the orientation with his girlfriend whom was no older than I was at the time wearing a tight Coogi dress, and standing in the registration line for more than two hours like I was at a Jay-Z concert, my prospective of life in the AU started to change.

Late registration, lack of housing, and oh yeah “if you don’t got your FASA there ain’t nothing they can do for you.” These are the challenges that are faced in HBCU’s. During your matriculations of college these issues by far never go away it just gets a little easier because you (A) know the system, (B) you finally earned your Greek letters or (C) your swagger is just that hot to where you can sweet talk the lady in the registrars office with the blonde wig on. After four years, (OK-keep it real) five years you finally earn that degree. Whoopy, not only do you not have a job, you’re also being harassed by Sally Mae (ain’t that a …..).

And you wonder why we don’t give back. Maybe it’s because of the rude staff member’s and the fact that you didn’t get your refund check on time so you could pay your rent. But with all that I have endured its funny because I wouldn’t change my experience for the world.

Out of state tuition – $30,000

Monthly check to Sally Mae -$268.04

Life lessons at an HBCU– priceless

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