1. It never fails. My face breaks out every summer and leaves me hiding my face in the house because of embarrassment. What can I do to get my skin ready for the summer and prevent my annual summer breakout?

Hide no longer. A few simple steps and you will be flirting around town all summer long. First you need to pinpoint the reasons that may be causing you to break out. Do you change your makeup routine in the summer? Do you apply a heavy sunscreen in the summer? Do spend a lot of time in the sun? These all may be reasons why you continue to breakout in the summer. Then find products to help fight and prevent the causes of the breakouts. We recommend the products in the MD Skincare line (all available at mdskincare.com).

p78328_hero.jpgFind an oil free formulated sunscreen. Many sunscreens contain high oil content, which contribute to breakouts. The right sunscreen can solve your acne woes. The MD Skincare sunscreen Pads with Vitamin C and SPF 30 ($42) with a single swipe of the face provide a good dose of sunscreen that absorbs quickly, with no stickiness or residue.

Make sure you are cleaning your face every morning and night. Find the right cleanser to thoroughly get the dirt deep within in your pores. Try the MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel ($75). The two-step peel is a bestseller and helps prevent breakouts by regulating oil production. Then find a blemish treatment that you can put on everyday to help control outbreaks and prevent future ones. Md Skincare’s All-Over Blemish Solution promises to do just that by addressing future blemishes before they appear ($84). And remember to drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated.


2. How do I prevent my makeup from melting in the hot sun during the summer months?

You want to lighten up your makeup in the summer. Keeping your makeup light and easy will not only prevent embarrassing disappearing makeup but will also allow you more time at the beach. Start with your foundation. In the hot summer months you want to go with a really light foundation that still provides coverage. The best one I have came across is Benefit Cosmetics Some Kind-A-Gorgeous Foundation Faker ($26, benefitcosmetics.com). This fabulous foundation faker is super lightweight and provides skin a flawless finish without making you look like you have foundation on in the summer.

Next up are the eyes. I would keep eye make up to the bare minimum during the long summer months. For me that means just applying a waterproof, smudge proof mascara and hitting the door. Shiseido The Makeup Lasting Lift Mascara provides maximum lift and weightless volume to lashes for hours holding up in the sun and water ($22, sephora.com).

Finally, throw out your lipstick and slick on some gloss. Which is the fastest way to make your lips irresistible to your summer fling. Try California Kissin Lip Shine which a perfect smile brightening lip shine ($16, benefitcosmetics.com).


3. As I near 30 I am more interested in anti-aging products. What should I look for when choosing an anti-aging product?

Good thing you are staring now. It’s much better to try and prevent the signs of aging rather than try and reverse the signs of aging after they appear. And nowadays if you walk through any store the shelves are bursting with products that all promise the same thing, healthy wrinkle free skin. The con is that not only do they cost a king’s fortune but also most of them don’t deliver on the claims they make. So, when it comes to anti-aging products you really have to do your homework and find a product that really delivers what you desire.

One cream I have found that really holds true to its promise of protecting against wrinkles is Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer ($70-$88), sephora.com). This treatment made for all skin types is highly-concentrated and delivers maximum impact for your buck by fighting the effects of an aggressive environment, reducing the signs of dryness and fine lines as it rehydrates. Bio-Performance also uses antioxidants to protect against future wrinkles. Start now and when your friends are lining up for botox in ten years you can spend your money on something more important, like the latest Marc Jacobs bag.


4. I am making the most of my summer by traveling to as many different places that I can. I don’t want to over pack my suitcase with cosmetics, but I do need my beauty products. What are some great products to travel with?

You definitely want to find products to travel with that are multi-functional and light. Try to pack a product that has more then one use, such as Benefit Cosmetics High Beam Highlighter ($22, benfitcosmetics.com). This highlighter is the perfect solution to brighten up tired eyes, highlight cheeks and improve your entire complexion. Packing multi-functional products allow you to pack fewer products but still get a finished look while on the go.

Also, try to find your favorite daily products in travel size. That way you can keep your beauty routine but you don’t have to lug around heavy full size products. One of the best sets out on the market now is Korres Best of Korres Set ($25, sephora.com). Packed with Korres best sellers and favorite products, this set was designed for people on the move. Included in the set is Basil Lemon Shower gel, Wild Rose Moisturizer, Guava Body Butter and much more. Throw it in your back along with your multi-functional makeup, your iPod and passport and you are good to go!

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