A piece of Kipepeo jewelry, designed by Kenyan born Carol Karungari Muthiga, is instantly recognizable. You’ve probably seen her intricate filigree earrings, striking beaded necklaces, gilded pendants, or Lucite bangles adorning celebrities like Halle Berry, Nelly Furtado, Aisha Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria or Cameron Diaz just to name a few.

Kipepeo (Kiswahili for butterfly) embraces the notion of freedom and self-expression through fashion. Drawing inspiration from various sources including her Kenyan heritage, extensive travels, nature, seventies fashion, and the Victorian era, Muthiga creates bold, beautiful jewelry that would be the perfect addition to any collection.

The beauty of Kipepeo lies in the versatility with which the designs can be worn. Most of the pieces are casual enough for a fierce everyday look and elegant enough to transition into an look that’s simply stunning for an evening out on the town. With prices ranging from around $40 to $400, almost anyone can afford to indulge themselves with a little Kipepeo treasure.
1.Kilifi Earring, $96, Queen Bee Girls 2. Tasu Earring, $106, Queen Bee Girls 3. Dahlia Earring, $63, Queen Bee Girls
Leaf filigree earrings, $98, Scoop NYC 5. Hoops, $70, Famous Fashions Finds 6. Artemis necklace, $387, Famous Fashions Finds 7. Sakura earrings, $100, Famous Fashions Finds
8.Majani earrings, $86, Frosting 9. Suri etched earrings, $80, Luna Boston 10. Roundel earrings, $37, Fashion Bliss

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