Time for me to face the truth. I am getting old. I remember when I thought 29 was middle aged. Now as I slowly approach it, I feel as if maybe it’s not that old after all. But a quick glimpse in the mirror and I realize that even if I don’t feel older, I look older. My skin isn’t as firm, I have laugh lines developing (why do we get punished for laughing) and fine lines are appearing around my eyes. I am starting to look like my mom. Yikes.

What’s a girl to do? Well if you’re a girl like me, you high tail it to Sephora to pick up some of the latest and greatest anti-aging products available. I went to Sephora as fast as I could and started to browse the rows of goodies (I needed an eye shadow too) when I came across what I like to call “my fountain of youth in a bottle”, LiftFusion Micro-Injected M-Tox Transdermal Face Lift, ($25-$140, Sephora). I put a few quick pumps of product on my face and within seconds I felt a warming across my face. By the time I got to my car and looked into my rear view mirror, I can honestly say I looked different. My laugh lines were noticeably less visible, my skin looked hydrated and was much softer to the touch. I had to know more about this product.

I found out that LiftFusion is the first Topical-Injectable alternative to doctor administered anti-wrinkle injections. In fact it has been proven more effective than Botox in a clinical study. It provides immediate and visible relaxing, firming and pumping of existing facial expression lines. The revolutionary M-Tox formula not only visibly reduces exiting signs of aging, but it also counteracts the causes to inhibit the formation of future fine lines and wrinkles. And the results can last up to 24 hours hours so you can go out clubbing and look young enough to get carded the whole night.

Needless to say I stocked up on LiftFusion and use it religiously. I have resigned myself to the fact that I may end up looking like mom. Thanks genetics. But with the help of LiftFusion Micro-Injected M-Tox Transdermal Face Lift , I am determined to look like a more hydrated, refreshed and less wrinkly version of her. Sorry mom.

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