200394603-0011.jpgI know it’s important to take your vitamins and minerals everyday. It keeps your heart beating, your hair glossy and your nails growing. I also check my cereal box to make sure it has plenty of vitamins and minerals essential for my healthy body. But I had never given much thought about minerals in my makeup until a friend called me and gushed about how much she loved her new mineral foundation. At the first mention of mineral makeup I envisioned a rack of eye shadow pots in a dusty corner of isle in a Whole Foods Market. Pots of shadows with names like Galaxy Grey and Moondust Glitter. Which is fine if that’s your thing but it wasn’t mine.

My friend pushed on, insisting that I at least try the product. Finally relenting, I used her short fat brush dipped, swirled and then brushed the product over my face. It took a couple times for me to find my groove and learn how to apply it right but once I did I had to admit I really liked the mineral makeup. The makeup felt soft against my skin, it was ultra light, and it blended much better then my traditional style makeup. Plus, I felt really good about myself since I knew that this makeup was made up entirely of minerals. There were no chemicals or preservatives in the makeup, which meant there were none going on my skin.

But is mineral makeup really better for your skin? Why all of a sudden is the market flooded with mineral products? Almost every big line now has at least one mineral makeup product not to mention all the lines devoted to them. Should I make the switch to all minerals? That’s like a meat-eater going vegetarian…right?

Although minerals in makeup are nothing new, they have been used to add color to faces throughout history. Yet there has been a recent surge in popularity for mineral makeup. Which partly may be based in the fact that consumers are looking towards the environment to influence their buying trends in everything from food to cars. So, when consumers look towards makeup, natural makeup seems like a no brainer.

And there are some major advantages to mineral makeup. It has natural SPF, the more you use the more protection you have against UVA/UVB rays. Also, because it doesn’t contain chemicals like traditional makeup it can be used on sensitive skin, which is a big deal for those who can’t use any makeup on their ultra sensitive skin and for those who have had a recent cosmetic procedure. Mineral makeup also has properties of anti-inflammatories that can promote healing of acne and rosacea.

But there are some things people should be aware of when choosing mineral makeup. Some argue that minerals don’t allow your skin to breathe, which could cause future skin problems. Also, if you have any allergies to minerals you might have to test several products to find one that won’t cause a problem for your skin. And because it is light it might not provide enough coverage for those of us who like a medium to heavy coverage.

If you decide that you might want to start experimenting with mineral makeup. You have a world of choices. Here are some of our top picks to get you started on your way.

base_loose.jpg*JAN IREDALE
Prices Range. Check out janeiredale.com for a salon, spa or medical office near you that carries the products. Jan Iredale’s mineral makeup line is known as The Skin Care Makeup and is recommended by dermatologists and skin care professionals all over the world. It is made from minerals and pigments that allow skin to breathe and protects it from air-borne pollutants. An added bonus is that they are water resistant and if you workout with them on, they won’t crease! That alone should make you pick up this product. The Jan Iredale line carries many shades that are perfect for a variety of complexions and any ethnicity.

p116623_hero.jpg*BARE ESCENTUALS
BARE MINERALS Starter kit, $75 at bareescentuals.com. If you have ever watched a TV, then you have seen the infomercials for this mineral line. Millions of women swear by Bare Minerals. Their products are weightless, silky and cover imperfections flawlessly. With a range of products including everything from a SPF 15 Foundation to lipsticks. This line has it all. The starter kit includes foundation, Mineral Veil finishing powder, a Kabuki Brush, a compact, a how-to DVD and much more.

Provocateur Mineral Pressed Powder SPF 8, $19, at Tarte Cosmetics. Many traditional makeup lines are carrying mineral products. Tarte Cosmetics is one such company. Known for there award wining blushes and lip colors, Tarte has branched off into the mineral game with a pressed powder. This soft mineral powder can be used with a brush for a light coverage or a sponge for an opaque finish. And because it comes in eight shades, you will be sure to find one that works for you. Plus, I love Tarte Cosmetics because you can see a celebrity skin-tone comparison chart that allows you to better match the powder to your skin tone.

21ap57dqnkl_aa180_.jpg*DR. HAUSCHKA
Finale Leggero -Translucent Face Powder, Loose, $32, at beautyhabit.com This line uses natural minerals and biodynamically-grown plants for it’s ingredients and colors. The products range from powders to mascara’s and everything in between. The Translucent Face Powder is ultra sheer and leaves the skin smooth and more refined. After applying this product my skin felt and looked much smoother and healthier. The powder blends easily and gives the skin a clean, natural finish. Your skin stays looking fresh and radiant looking long after you apply it. Perfect for all skin tones.

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