season2pic2.jpgActress Mo’nique has defended black musicians who use the word “n$#@%r” in their lyrics, insisting it is a term of endearment. The comedienne believes African-Americans have a responsibility to banish the negativity surrounding the word and is keen to reclaim it as an accepted term among the black population.

She says, “Do I use the word n$#@%r? Yes, in my comedy routine and in life because it’s our word. Here’s the thing. We need to stop giving people the power over that word. We take it and turn it around to make it beautiful. You see, they gave us that word back then. They called us n$#@%r back then.

“So yes, I hold on to it. And I say it to the n$#@%rs, keep doing your thing with pride and honor. Look how we overcame. Her name is Oprah Winfrey. His name is Shawn Carter. Her name is Condoleezza Rice. Look at them n$#@%rs.”

Source: Star Pulse
Image: Oxygen

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