naacp.gifThe mayor said he stands by his comments that black youth are imitating gangsters, despite a call from the local NAACP to apologize.Mayor Pat McCrory, who is white, said he was accurate when he wrote that “too many of our youth, primarily African American, are imitating and/or participating in a gangster type of dress, attitude, behavior and action.”

His remarks came in a July 5 letter to the city manager in which McCrory congratulated police for their presence the night before, when 169 people — mostly black — were arrested. The mayor painted “African American youth with a broad swath that cuts deep in many of our communities,” said Ken White, president of the Charlotte branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. “Mr. McCrory’s comments reinforce that stereotype, especially to those inclined to hold onto racist thinking and behavior,” White said.


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  • One question: Would there be an uproar if someone black stated this?

  • Anon

    Not shocked that ole’ Pat said that. Charlotte’s a mess and Pat’s got major hate from White and Black folks. He’s been the mayor four like 12 years and Charlotte’s growning increasingly minority and he can’t handle it. he wants to treat the city as if it’s the same Charlotte 20 years ago but it’s not. It’s a major metropolitian area with metro problems.He thinks he can run around say stuff and it not get bashed. he’s needs to say sorry.

  • Nai

    I don’t know much about Charlotte, but from where I see, it’s not primarily the “”African” American” youth imitating the content of “Gangsta Rap”. This may be where the frustration lies. Always easier to just blame it on the “African Americans” What doesn’t kill us, will hopefully keep making us stronger.