Project: Think Different supports a new pop culture that’s about human beings, not dollar bills. They represent a pop culture where it’s hip to be engaged, where the new cool is being true to your self, your community, and your world. They are musicians, video and film producers, directors, spoken word artists, educators, community activists, and allied organizations. While they see themselves as representing everybody, they are directly tied into the hip-hop community. They work on bridging all folks within the spectrum, from high schoolers, to the artists, to the academics to the fashion industry who are intrigued by the power of its art and form.

Project: Think Different (PTD) is a non-profit media organization established in March 2003. Our mission is to create a renaissance in music, film and video media education that increases engagement in civic dialogue and action among disenfranchised communities, to ensure equity and fairness. Our programs provide education, incentives and access to socially conscious and socially responsible messages in the media arts while at the same time providing content and forums that inspire and enroll the broader public in action for change. We use the media arts as an organizing tool to reach disenfranchised young people and enable them to “think differently” and think big about their ability to create positive change in their lives, communities, and society at large. We believe that effective problem-solving begins at the local level with people who identify a common concern and understand that they have the power to bring about lasting change. By educating and empowering everyday people to create compelling solution-oriented messages in music, film and video, Project: Think Different is shifting the current media landscape while increasing public awareness of community issues, and the perspectives and priorities of many disadvantaged and underserved populations.

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