We are happy to announce that we will be covering the 2008 Presidential Election in our new series, “Our Coverage“. In “Our Coverage” we will examine the presidential candidates, political parties and give up-to-date and relevant news on the election and issues that affect us.

If you have any topics or issues you would like Clutch to cover on the election, candidates, or parties please email us at [email protected] or just leave a comment!

And if you haven’t already please register to votehere

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  • Mae

    And this just one of the reasons I love Clutch! Great idea and I know you will break it down for new and seasoned political heads. I love the idea of seeing it covered and discussed from the African American/woman point of view!

  • Ebony R.

    Our Coverage sounds great! Cause we need to have somewhere we can read and get an perspective and rundown of the election issues and candidates. I would like to the candidates views on a comparison chart or something that list their stance on issues.

  • Jennifer

    I hope both Republican and Democrat candidates will be discussed. If not, than it is not worth it. Black people are only pandered liberal mess anyway.

  • Hi Jennifer,

    all parties and candidates will be discussed and examined.



  • Johanna

    Liberalism isnt mess, a joke or anything like that. To have a truely free nations people who are liberal in their views keep up the American ideals, and include much more people and their differences unlike their so called conservative conunterparts. Conservatives say they are conservative then cheat on their wives, take bribes, and frequent prostitutes, and more recently blast homosexuality, and they are homosexual themselves. They are into sins just as much as anyone else in the political field. We really need to filter the messages that come to us from the media, and see each group as they are human beings with agendas to fill.