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index2_03.gifFrustrated by attempts to manage her newly natural dry, damaged hair and scalp, the founder and product developer for Qhemet Biologics decided to create a line of quality, effective, tradition inspired products for health conscious consumers. Launched in 2004 after two years of a massive research and development phase, Qhemet Biologics has definitely become a brand to watch. Clutch spoke with Qhemet Biologics founder about how she got started and to give us the scoop on her up and coming brand.

How did the name come about?
Qhemet is an ancient Egyptian name, a collective noun that literally means black. That language system was consonantal so it appeared as KMT.

left_image.gifWhat’s the story behind Qhemet Biologics?
I wanted to create a product line that reflected my profound respect for indigenous beauty traditions, was nature based and effectively addressed the needs of coarse, dry hair. One of the destructive aspects of the Diaspora was the loss of many of our oral traditions including the knowledge regarding the proper care of our hair. Although I came into this with a Masters Degree in history, developing the line provided an opportunity to further explore the traditional hair and beauty materials used by our ancestors. Another factor was the state of my hair which was dry, coarse and tangled instead of the soft, cottony hair I’d envisioned after becoming natural. None of the products I’d tried delivered manageability or softness. Qhemet Biologics was created from a need for a line of products for demanding hair that contained the ingredients that had kept our hair soft and manageable throughout the centuries.

How does the ingredients in your products help maintain or rebuild healthy hair and skin?
The historical record points to a long history of use for Castor, Olive, Grapeseed, Sesame, Moringa, Blackseed and Palm Nut Oils in Africa and surrounding areas. We also used botanicals such as Aloe, Geranium, Chamomile, Amla, Fenugreek, Hibiscus and Honeybush in hair, skin and scalp preparations. These are the primary ingredients used in my products. They possess superior softening, conditioning and regenerative properties. I also incorporate pure organic MSM because it’s an excellent source of sulfur which is essential to the formation of the amino acids responsible for soft, supple hair and smooth skin. Chemical treatments deplete the bulb of its sulfur content hence the dry new growth and scab hair many of us experience. Qhemet Biologics is the first line for ethnic hair to incorporate MSM sulfur into its products. This ingredient helps jump start the growth of strong, healthy hair.

What makes Qhemet Biologics different?
Probably the strong focus on the ethnobotanical record, the unique herbal blends and the incorporation of MSM. The products are also free of mineral oil, lanolin, silicones, phthalates, formaldehyde donor preservatives and SLS surfactants. All of the ingredients are carefully selected based on their historic and therapeutic value.

Clutch has already made Qhemet Biologics a product staple, but why should others purchase your phenomenal line?
The customer feedback I receive is so emotional. Many of us want to embrace our natural texture but feel discouraged by a lack of information and effective products. Qhemet Biologics consists of high performance products developed with the goal of making the maintenance and management of natural hair simple and effortless, just as it used to be.

What’s included in your product line?
Plant based moisturizers and conditioners, mineral oil-free pomades, SLS-free shampoos, 100% natural and vegan baby and child care products and natural soaps and body butters.

What’s in the future for Qhemet Biologics?
Expansion. I’m excited about the development and launch of new products and look forward to expanding into health food stores and salons.
qb3.jpgqb21.jpg1. Olive Castile – Baby Wash, $9, 2. Honeybush Hair Tea Soft Hold Gel – 8 FL OZ., $14, 3. Fertile Crescent – Nourishing Body Butter, $12.99, 4. Soap of Alep, $8, 5. Amla Oil Nourishing Pomade, $16, 6. Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm, $12-$16, 7. Amla & Olive Heavy Cream – 8 FL. OZ., $16, 8.Aquis Waffle Weave Microfiber Hair Towel, $16.50, Qhemet Biologics

To purchase Qhemet Biologics log-on now to QhemetBiologics.com, Curlicious.com and Mariposa-Import.com

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