651316_356×2371.jpgOur new correspondent Saba, Ink got a chance to sit down and chat with Mya about her new album Liberation. So we got in some questions for the GG. So check out what our Washington D.C. homie, Mya had to say.

Saba, Ink: You did a performance on MadTV of “Whatever Bitch” where you Vogued. Who gave you the inspiration for that routine and do you go to the balls in your spare time?

MYA: Yes. I attend the balls or shows as we like to call them. The record I was singing at the time was more of a mid tempo tune “My Love Is Like Whoa”, it was something the audience could get into and it had shock value without being trashy and so I thought I could definitely play the part and have a great time doing Whatever Bitch.

Saba, Ink: Who was the one person in your life that gave you your fashion style?

MYA: My mother (laughing) she has been sewing her clothes since she was in High School. She made my prom dress and stage attire as well. She does other things now like …art and photography. But I still sketch, and send it to the seamstress, we’ll come up with a look for stage usually, usually don’t get stuff made on an everyday basis to walk around in, so it’s for stage usually.

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