200346295-001.jpgFemale infidelity has become more common than we want to admit. Men are no longer the only faces of a cheating dog. The pit bulls in skirts are out on the prowl!

The rate of women who are having extramarital affairs or cheating on their boyfriends is increasing rapidly, and the reasons why vary immensely. Since women are unique but complex creatures it’s very hard to truly know why they may decide to step out on their man. Unlike men, it rarely has anything to do with a sexual need or ego boost. It’s usually more of an emotional neglect or a revenge factor and strategically planned and thought out to avoid getting caught. In which most cases they rarely do. I guess that is why men have coined them “The best cheaters of all time.” Rightfully so, women may be the smarter ones of the human race, but also the hardest to please. In addition to my own opinion I asked about ten women both who have cheated before or have thought about it at one time, what they thought the main reasons were…

Low Self-Esteem:
Some women are extremely needy, especially emotionally. They need constant reminders from men on how beautiful and sexy they are to make them feel secure and worthy, and when they don’t receive this constant feedback from their significant others they become magnets to anyone else who pays them the simplest comment.

This reasoning is the sweetest yet the most ruthless one. A scorned woman is the worst woman. When a woman has caught her man cheating and has decided to pay him back, two wrongs may not make a right, but it sure does make it even. If a woman has caught her man cheating the sweetest revenge is to return the favor ten-fold.

Some say you can’t miss what you never had. However, some women who never had enough sexual partners to satisfy their appetite prior to them getting into a committed relationship are more likely to suddenly become curious on what she might be missing. This form of cheating is usually purely sexual without any emotional ties and ends rather quickly once she is satisfied.

Lack of Communication:
Women love to talk. Engaging in stimulating conversations is a necessity in a relationship. When the channels of communication are lost, a woman can become lonely and bored, naturally seeking out a “friend” to talk to. This “friendship” can easily turn into a more intimate relationship once the woman feels special, appreciated and more importantly listened to.

Not over her Ex:
There are times when a woman has not completely gotten over her ex, so when things get rough in her current relationship she runs to what’s most familiar to her – blindly ignoring all the reasons why they broke up in the first place.

Thrill Seekers:
Some women just love drama and challenges at any cost. No matter if there is a problem in their relationship or not they simply enjoy the thrill of sneaking around and being mischievous. More so the notion of possibly being caught motivates them even more.

Sexual Dissatisfaction:
Many women have a sexual appetite just as large as any man. However they often have a difficult time expressing to their loved ones their dissatisfaction of the sex in fear of hurting their man’s delicate ego. As a result, a woman may secretly have a sexual relationship with someone else to keep the peace and to keep an otherwise good man.

Just a hot mess:
After all is said and done, there is the selfish, self-centered woman who cheats for no reason other than to get what she wants with no regards for anyone. These women are usually stricken with more issues than a magazine subscription and always seem to wonder why they can’t seem to ever find a good man. Hence, the reason why they cheat.

Granted, there are many more reasons why women cheat, but regardless of the excuse, cheating is still wrong and should be examined as serious problem in any relationship. So ladies, if you are thinking about stepping out on your man, think again because the secret is out–women do cheat!!

Until next time…ciao

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