7322409441.jpgHave you ever wanted some wardrobe advice from a fashion stylist? In Ask-A-Stylist, your burning questions such as, mixing prints, upcoming trends and anything else you want to know will be answered by three different stylists. Which means your questions will be answered from three different perspectives.

Like jeans, a sexy black dress is another fashion item one can’t do without. What accessories do you recommend for jazzing up the basic black dress? Bailey, Philly

Michelle Alleyne: Chunky but sleek necklaces made in Silver or Gold. Or gold or silver 2-3″ wrist cuffs in innovative shapes with cut outs. Wear one or the other, not at the same time. And of course the highest Jimmy Choo’s you can find.

Kim Maxwell: Some accessories that I recommend for jazzing up a black dress are:
* wide or thin belt for the waist
* several bangle bracelets to wear on both of your wrists
* a handbag ( oversize or a clutch)
* platform shoes
These accessories can all be worn together to jazz up a basic black dress or can be worn separately.

Leslie Arnelle: I have two favorite looks I use to fab up the basic black dress. One, the look of both arms filled with different sized diamond or rhinestone bangle bracelets and a pair of diamond button earrings leaving the hands and neck beautifully bare. My second favorite look is a bold beautiful necklace, diamond button earrings and an over sized ring leaving both arms beautifully bare. These two looks in my opinion used to fab up the basic black dress is simply FABULOUS!

What are the must-have items for fall 2007? Nia, Miami

Michelle Alleyne: Fur muff for keeping the hands warm. It can be Faux fur for all you animal lovers.

Kim Maxwell: The must haves for fall/winter 2007 are gloves, skinny leggings and/or tights, a short baby doll dress, an empire waist dress, a tweed jacket and trousers. A coat or jacket with a fur trim on the hood, collar, or cuffs. Some great colors to have in your closet for the fall/winter 2007 are grays, oranges, and metallic colors.

Leslie Arnelle: Get ready to see your Fall/Winter 2007 MUST HAVE items in pat n leather, animal print, satin, your basic understated black or grays and bold bright colors!
A fabulous closet for this Fall/Winter 2007 should have these 10 key pieces:
* 2 Masculine Tailored Pants Suits in Winter White and Black with White Pinstripe
* A pair of Bold Colored Leather or Suede Elbow Length Gloves
* A Brocade Jacket or Belted Trench Coat with an exaggerated collar
* A pair of Sexy Patent Leather Mary Janes
* A sexy Patent Leather Ankle Boot
* Over-sized Smokey Lens Animal Print Sunglasses
* A Shift Dress
* A Knee-Length Pencil Skirt
* A Pair of High Waist Wide Leg Dress Pants or Dark Denim Jeans
* A Bold Print over sized Scarf

What things do you consider “investment pieces”? Crosby, San Diego

Michelle Alleyne: A well made, expensive shoe, or tailored suit that’s not so much on trend in terms of pant width and jacket silhouette.

Kim Maxwell: I consider a pair of designer jeans, a designer purse in a classic color: a black Prada handbag, a Gucci or Louis Vuitton monogram handbag, and a cashmere sweater are great investment pieces.

Leslie Arnelle: By the age of 35 every Stylish Woman and Man should own have invested in:
* A fabulous set of designer Vintage Luggage
* 3 Pair of Designer Over sized Sunglasses
* A beautiful single 4 Carat Ring
* 4 Tailored Suits
* A Very Stylish Good Quality Trench Coat, Wool Coat and Leather Jacket
* For Ladies a Good Quality Girdle and Strapless Push Up Bra

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