1. I love my lips but I think they can be sexier. The kind every guy wants to kiss! How do I get sexy lips?

If you ask me a lip can never be sexy enough. Nothing screams siren faster then a well-defined hot lip. First make sure if you are going to have a really defined sexy lip that is going to be the focus of your look. Meaning that you don’t want to have heavy eye makeup with really sexy lips. It may look to made up and it takes the focus away from the lips. Next, exfoliate your lips with a dry toothbrush to get any dead skin off. When lips are smooth apply a hydrating lip balm like Kiehls Lip Balm #1 ($5.50, kiehls.com) before you apply any gloss or lipstick. This well soften the lips and get them ready for color. Dry lips soak up extra color and the effect may be an uneven color application. When your lips are ready apply a versatile lip pencil shade that is close to your natural lip color in order to keep color in but not to leave any lip liner marks. Try Spice Lip Liner from MAC ($12.50, maccosmetics.com). Then apply a darker shade of lip gloss all over lips. Smashbox makes Lip Gloss Pots that are ultra glamorous in three wearable shades. Try Sexy, a sheer berry, for the summer’s hottest lips ($16, smashbox.com). Finally, apply just a dab of a shimmer powder on the center of the bottom lip and you are ready to go. Remember to take your gloss with you in case you get some kisses and need to reapply!

2. I have a hot date this weekend with a guy I have been seeing. I might stay over at his place after the date. What should I bag in an overnight bag?

So you are going out with a guy you have had a few dates with. You have a feeling before the date even begins that there is a possibility that you could stay over if the date goes well. What do you pack in the all important overnight bag? You need several easily packed essential makeup items. Leave your heavy full coverage foundation at home. You want to pack a light tinted
moisturizer for the morning. That way you look fresh but not made up. Two that we love at Clutch is Pur Minerals Mineral Tint Daily Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 Sunscreen ($18.50, purminerals.com) and Moisture Bound Tinted Moisturizer SPF15 by Amorepacific ($70, neimanmarcus.com). Pur Minerals light weight formula allows for a mistake proof application and it has light diffusers that instantly reflect light away from imperfections. While Moisture Bound is deeply hydrating because it delivers all the benefits of a rich moisturizer while providing a hint of color and sheer coverage that is buildable.

p5789_hero.jpgTo complete your bag you want to pack a small lip gloss, mascara and lightweight blush. Bourjois offers three perfect products to help you finish this task. Their versatile Baked Blush can be used wet on cheeks or eyes for an intense look or dry for a soft smooth next morning finish ($14, bourjois.com). It even comes with a mirror inside and a brush applicator. For mascara throw Bourjois Yes To Volume! Mascara, inside the bag ($14). The volumizing formula contains collagen micro-beds that coat and thicken each lash without drying. And finally pack Bourjous Effect 3D Mobile Cell Phone Charms ($9). This mini version of their best selling lip gloss attaches to any cell phone. That way you always have the perfect gloss not only on the date but the morning after as you call your closest girlfriend to tell her the juicy details.


3. I hate the alcohol scent most fragrance leave on my skin after a few minutes on. Is there a fragrance out there that won’t do this? I have tired really expensive and cheap ones but can’t find anything.

I to hate the way traditional fragrances whether they are cheap or expensive, leave a nasty alcohol scent behind. That is why I flipped when I smelled the world’s first healthy fragrance collection by LAVANILA Laboratories. They are first fragrance line to use natural ingredients and marine technology to infuse active antioxidants into fine fragrances that not only smell good, but also are good for you. LAVANILA comes in three naturally delicious fragrance variations, Pure Vanilla, Vanilla Grapefruit and Vanillan Blossom ($56 each, sephora.com).

Traditional fragrances are loaded with chemically-laden alcohol that is drying to the skin and leaves that terrible alcohol scent behind. LAVANILA nourishes and conditions the skin with antioxidants, 30 essential vitamins and minerals and 19 amino acids. So not only will not be doing damage you will be actually helping your skin stay healthy.


4. After a busy day in and out of the sun my foundation either looks creased or melted off. How do I keep it looking as fresh during after work cocktail hour as it does in the morning?

You always want to look fresh and crisp for a date, even if you just spent the whole day in the sun schlepping around Iced Vanilla Latte’s for your boss and walking her dog. The last thing you want is for your makeup to look baked in, creased or worse melted off. So you will need to follow a couple steps to prep before you leave for work in the morning.

Apply Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer UVA/UVB SPF 15 ($18.50, smashbox.com). This primes your skin for longer-lasting makeup; shields skin from the harmful effects of the sun and reduces appearance of fine lines.

Next apply a creamy long lasting foundation. Our favorite by far at Clutch is Laura Mercier’s Silk Crème Foundation ($40, lauaramercier.com). It provides a luminous layer with an advanced light-reflecting quality that causes fines lines and imperfections to optically disappear. After applying the foundation the skin is left feeling hydrated with a radiant glow. The formula is extremely long wearing. So no need to worry about those late afternoon creases with this magic potion.

679_200×200.gifRight before cocktail hour apply DHC Coenzyme Q10 Water Mist ($32, dhccare.com). This portable toner is perfect anytime and anywhere. It is ultra refreshing and is rich in antioxidant coenzyme Q10. Use a quick spritz to revitalize skin and refresh tired makeup. After doing this your makeup should look good as new and you should be ready to get that watermelon martini you wanted all day.

5. I am extremely active in the summer. Basketball, volleyball, gardening, biking, etc. And my hands really pay the price. What should I do to repair the damage from a fun but busy summer?

Our hands are one of the most neglected parts of the body. We do so much work with them; yet neglect to work on them. Start by removing dull and dead skin with a gentle exfoliater that leave skin feeling smoother and softer. Try DHC AHA Body Silker ($32, dhccare.com). This exfoliater sweeps away the dead skin and nourishes with olive oil leaving your hands with a revitalized glow.

Then follow-up with an ultra a moisturizing lotion. We at Clutch recommend Gloves in a Bottle Lotion ($12.95, glovesinabottle.com). This amazing shielding lotion helps keep out moisture-robbing irritants while helping retain natural moisture, resulting in smother skin that is not dry. Gloves in A Bottle will not wash off so you don’t have to worry about swimming or sweating off this lotion. The greaseless formula comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells. This miracle in a bottle really works like a pair of gloves. And will return and keep the moisture in you’re hands.


6.I don’t have much money so I wont be going dutch on my date, but I do want to be hot on my date. How can achieve this without spending lots of money?

When your short on cash – your date look should not have to suffer and lucky for you the market is flooded with low cost quality makeup lines. Lines like N.Y.C Makeup. This line is known for their amazing products and prices that leave you enough to be able to buy a drink on the date. This summer they introduced the Sunset Loom Collection, which is an assortment of deep, hazy colors inspired by a stunning American Southwest. This 7 piece collection ranges from Radiant Face Powders ($4.99) to Check2Check Duo Blushers ($2.99). You can find N.Y.C products at any chain drugstore. So if you forget your gloss stop by the store and add sizzle to your pout with Quick Sand or Red Rock Canyon.

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