When she was 18-years-old, Remi Nicole‘s dad took her to Tiffany’s jewelery shop in London, telling her that she could have anything she wanted. Remi looked out of the window to see Noel Gallagher saunter past. She asked her dad to buy her a guitar instead. While most of her friends didn’t count rock bands among their idols, Remi was different. She wasn’t that bothered about hip hop, or R&B, or dance music. For her it was all about rock’n’roll. That’s why she wrote a song called ‘Rock’n’Roll’ (sample lyric: “I said I like to look good when I go on stage — strumming my guitar”).

A confident live performer, her North London vernacular and Althea & Donna-esque voice fit right in with the current musical climate of sassy, imperious female pop stars. But Remi’s songs (imagine catchy summer guitar melodies) have such personality they’re difficult to ignore.


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