200340811-001.jpgFlasback to your childhood. Can you recall your Mom or Aunt on the phone with their best girlfriend screaming yes “Honeychile” every time they heard some good gossip? Well, that is how Krika Bradsher the founder of MyHoneyChild came up with the name for her up and coming haircare line.. “Honey Child was used as a greeting between young and old alike. As a youth hearing this word ‘honeychile used often, I knew it was a safe word and almost always associated with caring and friendliest. Being associated with friendliest and caring I decided to add the word “MY” to HoneyChild. When I was an adolescent the ‘expression’ honey child, meant something new had happened or was going to happen. And in some cases ‘ the grits were getting ready to hit the fan’. Salons back then where called beauty shops, cosmetologist carried the title hairdressers or beauticians, and the greeting “girl let me tell you this and let me tell you that” always started with ‘honeychile.'”, Krika said.

myhoneychildlogo.jpgn 2000, after launching a natural hair salon, Krika, cosmetology instructor and product developer decided to developed a natural hair product line that focused on hydrated, healthy and manageable hair. The MyHoneyChild line consists of a wide range of scalp cleansers, conditioners, deep conditioners and styling aids. Intense research and my hands own experience in the cosmetic field. Krika prides herself on developing a product line that hydrates the hair and promotes moisture. Moisture is necessary for all hair types. MyHoneyChild promises to give tresses the much needed moisture which is needed for maintaining health hair and skin. I have found moisture is the basic necessity for maintaining healthy hair and skin”.

The MYHoneyChild contains no mineral oils or ingredients that block the pores produces oooH.…MYHoneyChild! MYHoneyChild products are suitable for all types of hair. So, Honey Chile, log-on to www.myhoneychild.com and get you some! My Honey Child can be purchased at www.myhoneychild.com, Sophia Sunflower Salon, LLC in Raleigh, North Carolina, NaturallyCurly.com, LIVING SPRING BEAUTY SUPPLY in Turnersville, NJ.



1. Banana Créme Scalp Cleanser, $15, 2.Coconut Hair Milk, $18, 3.Herbal Hair Cocktail, $12 4. HoneyNutt Scalp Cleanser, $10, 5.Jamaica Island Conditioner, $10, 6. Natural Hair Creme, $9.50, 7. Type 2 Hair Creme, $25, 8. Honey Love Pomade, $26, 9.Honey Hair Créme, $30, MYHoneyChild

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