sowear_1957_40948269.jpgFor those looking to express their individuality through fashion, may we suggest SharDann, an exciting new line by Brooklyn based designer Sharmaine Wilborn. “The essence of SharDann is funky, diverse, exciting, and sexy” states Wilborn, “We believe personal style is often a declaration of one’s unique spirit.”

Iconic silhouettes like shift and wrap dresses are turned into something fresh after they’re given the “SharDann” twist. Add a funky presentation that requires true vision and one can’t help but to be intrigued by this futuristic fashion voyage. Vibrant colors, distinguished shapes and materials, and premium techniques are hallmarks of the SharDann brand.

Sharmaine started her career in the summer of 2003 by selling off-the-rack garments in local New York markets. This gave her a chance to work one-on-one with customers and build important relationships that continue to influence her current business model.

When asked about what we could look forward to for the fall collections, Sharmaine tells us it’s all about self. “The SharDann Fall/Holiday 2007 Collection is all about self-protection. It responds to a woman’s desire to retract into a cocoon of isolation. I know this sound a bit bizarre and depressing, but to be honest this is how I was feeling when I designed the collection. Living in NY one is constantly bombarded by a vast array of people, sounds, smells,images, gases, animals (the list goes on and on). Although these things are often what make life worth living, sometimes you just want to escape. This collection provides a protective armor against life’s daily grind, and keeps you beautiful at the same time.” The collection will be available for purchase via the SharDann website the first week of September. Visit www.Shardann.com for details.

Spring/Summer 2006


Spring/Summer 2007


Fall/Holiday 2007 Preview


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