joebudden.jpgIt’s like music to your ears when your text message alerts you to “have a good day!” How sweet it is to get those unsuspecting phone calls from the man who is attempting to sweep you off your feet. By lunch time—another alert “thinking bout you!” Now your smile has went from Cali to New York in 3.5 seconds. He’s really laying it on thick now, and as soon as you clock out for the day the phone is ringing, with him on the other end saying “I’m trying to see you this evening.” How overjoyed you become as you tell your homegirls, “This one might be the one ya’ll!” Your girls don’t make it any better as they are planning out your wedding announcements without even meeting this new cat.

The morning, afternoon, and late evening phone calls continue for about three months. Followed by dinners, movies and pure quality time. At the beginning of the fourth month mark, the morning text turns into an afternoon text. That afternoon text turns into an evening call, and that evening call turns into a late night BOOTY CALL! OK, we have all heard the stereotypical tiers that men have (1) Wifey (2) Baby girl (3) Side piece and (4) the JUMP OFF!

For those who have had the pleasure of not receiving this popular email forward, here it is . . .

Now, I pride myself on being Wifey, but have I subjected myself to becoming the Jump Off. Yeah, I answered the phone and let him come over at 2:30 a.m. (after the club) a few times; actually, more than a few times. But, the question is this—if you want it are you playing yourself, or are you getting yours? Now your smile has went from Cali to Florida in 3.5 seconds.

Is it possible to redeem yourself? Is there a way to go from Jump Off back to Wifey status with the same guy, or do we tastefully move on to the next with hopes that this one “may be the one, ya’ll?” You decide.

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