Using the market’s newest beauty products or buying the hottest designer fashions are certainly addictive, but they are just some of the many things that makes a woman fly! Every amazing woman in the world knows that the place to look for BEAUTY is on the inside. So Clutch wants to know : In your humble opinion, what makes YOU truly beautiful? Scroll over to our Beauty Department and look for the “What Makes YOU Beautiful?” and let us know by commenting. The top three responses will receive a free Elasta QP fall gift basket, compliments of Elasta QP and Clutch Magazine (valued at $75.00).

July 31st, 2007

Crazy I know, but it’s the pain I’ve ENDURED in my life that has made me beautiful. It’s the concept of the caterpillar and the butterfly. The cocoon has to be a painful place…imagine what’s it’s like to go through a complete metamorphosis…but once that period is over, that caterpillar has become a beautiful, colorful, bright butterfly. Once when I was going through a really tough period in my life a co-worker complimented me on how wonderful I looked. When I briefly told him about the pain I was in, his response was.” Wow, pain looks really good on you. It sorta makes you glow!” When I think about his words…I realized it is always during times of pain, that God’s glory, mercy and grace cover me the most. Though HE’s ALWAYS there…it’s during those times of struggle that HIS presence is most known…and that is what makes me beautiful.

July 31st, 2007

“I think when I became a Mother is when I truly became beautiful. There’s nothing like 24 hours of labor and bringing a life into this world that makes you see TRUE beauty!! Knowing that I am raising good people (no matter what my numeric size) means I am not only beautiful, but leaving beauty in the world – through my children.”

Ms. Johnnie
August 1st, 2007

“My inner strength and courage make me beautiful. Having to overcome many situations in my life, God has equipped me with an unwavering strength that allows me to go forward victorious even when all odds are against me. My courageous spirit and determination illuminates from within giving me BEAUTY and ELASTICITY that’s simply priceless.”

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