Using the market’s newest beauty products or buying the hottest designer fashions are certainly addictive, but they are just some of the many things that makes a woman fly! Every amazing woman in the world knows that the place to look for BEAUTY is on the inside. So Clutch wants to know : In your humble opinion, what makes YOU truly beautiful?

Let us know by commenting below and the top three responses will receive a free Elasta QP fall gift basket, compliments of Elasta QP and Clutch Magazine (valued at $75.00).

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  1. Tracie B

    My laugh makes me beautiful. There is nothing more pleasant that to be in the presence of someone who can laugh and does not take the world so seriously. That person gets it. I get what life is truly about. And I plan on enjoying every minute of it until God calls me home.

  2. Latoya

    The thing that makes me beautiful is the my ever forgiving mind and soul. I have been through so much in my life and through it all God has given me the gift of understanding people in different views.

  3. I think that my hair makes me beautiful. I believe that every kink, curl, wave and ringlet helps define my face. The fact that my own hair makes me beautiful makes me happy and proud of myself. I’m proud of myself for embrassing my black roots. I’m proud of myself for not going to the store or salon, and getting a relaxer or perm. My skin also adds to my beauty, because with the color of my skin comes hard trials, and when I’m going through these hard trials I get stronger and stronger, therefore I become beautiful. So basically since my parents created me the way I am they made me beautiful.

  4. Rochelle Hill

    My confidence and poise makes me beautiful. I could be running errands with a scarf on, going out with girlfriends with a “bouncing and behaving” hairdo or wearing a conservative hairstyle for a business presentation, my confidence always come through. Then, once you enter a space poise, for a woman, is like a brother’s swagger. If I present myself properly everyone notices and wants to know more about me!

  5. Our Elasta QP contest is closed. Thanks everyone for participating! We will be contacting the winners shortly.