agivens.jpgA penchant for ethereal, body skimming designs has made Ashaka Givens the go to designer for Erykah Badu who often calls upon the talents of Ms. Givens for her custom pieces. Ashaka’s design point of view centers around making women feel confident and beautiful. Her ready to wear collection, draped and designed to accentuate the female form, accomplishes just that. Her creations range from sexy silk jersey halter tops to opulent satin and tulle cocktail dresses accented with swarovski crystals. Clutch was able to catch up with Ashaka to learn more about her collection and inspiration.

Q: When did you launch your clothing line?
My line launched in 2000.

Q: What’s the story behind Ashaka Givens?
My philosophy in design is simply making women feel confident and beautiful by giving them clothing that has been draped and designed to accentuate their female form.

Q: How do you want women to feel when they’re wearing your designs?
I want women to always feel radiant, sexy and the most beautiful in my clothing.

Q: What type of woman wears your collection?
I have customers of all ethnicities and ages, my customer’s range from artists and musicians to everyday women who work 9-5.

Q: What makes your line different?
Fit! As one of my favorite custom clients Ms. Erykah Badu said, “I have the best fit on the planet.” I think proper fit is one of the most important elements in apparel, without good fit clothing will not look right no matter how beautifully designed.

agivens2.gifQ: What types of items are included in your collection?
Currently included in my designer ready to wear collection are dresses, tops, skirts, pants, and outerwear. I also have my bridal collection, which is by custom order only.

Q: What are your price points?
My price point’s range from $120 for a silk jersey halter-top to $450 for a satin & tulle cocktail dress accented with swarovski crystals.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your wonderfully unique pieces?
I seem to find my inspiration most times just by observing women and there wants and needs. Music, traveling, classic movies, and currently one of my favorite fashion eras the 1930’s also heavily inspire me.

Q: Why is your collection a must-have for fashionistas and trendsetters?
Because it’s hot, it’s quality; it is what looks good, and what’s current yet at the same time, timeless.

Q: Describe your line in five words.
Modern, Global, Glamour, Sophisticated and Beauty.

Q: What’s in the future for Ashaka Givens?
I plan on re-launching online shopping to my website as well as opening my first boutique in the near future.

Q: Where can readers purchase your work?
Right now, readers can purchase my work directly through me by visiting my website, www.ashakagivens.com. They will also be able to see when the next shopping event will be coming up exclusively at Sophie Roan located at 117 E. 7th St in NYC (212) 529-0085,

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    looking for a uniquely designed African inspired wedding dress for August 2008 this call Regina B. she will give you my contact, so proud of you my sister!
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