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  • Youngone

    This was great. We really do need to think beyond what the media the president provides us with. Its all to keep us blind of what is really going on.
    Everything will come to light

  • shesajeanus

    Am I the only person who thinks that this makes Mos Def sound a little crazy ? I love him, I got his albums went to his concerts, but he’s all over the place in some parts of this interview. Are the laughing at him or laughing with him ? Like with the comments about terrorists and the ones on Obama, he saild YUULLLLLLE (soulja boy!!wow) but Cornell West did a good job of summing it up.

    I don’t understand why (not this interview) in interviews where they dicuss hip-hop they have politcians come on ,and when they discuss politics they have rapper come on wth? A politcian who is NOT a rapper (or a listener) can’t really carry a conversation about rap music, and a rapper who does not really know anything about politics (there are some who do)can’t talk about politics, I mean they can, everyone is entitled to their opinions and such but to have them give indepth political analysts and have their views represent all blacks is questionable.