Editor’s Letter #001


Since this is our sixth issue, we decided it was time to start each issue with an Editor’s Letter. But, since this is our first one we thought it would be nice to give you some history on why Clutch magazine was started. So, hi ladies and gentleman! My name is Dede and I am the founder of Clutch magazine. I started Clutch in 2002 after I graduated from college and I was going through a difficult time in my life—I couldn’t find a job, my friends all moved to NYC or back to Atlanta, and my best friend passed away . . . my father.

During that time I was very difficult to be around—so much that even my closest friends would hate to be around me. One day, my best friend at the time let me come over his place, and as I sat on his couch I began to look through his magazine collection—which included GQ, Fader, Complex, Essence (for his lady “friends”) and some other “booty” magazines (I also saw my issue of Cosmo that I left at his place a couple of weeks prior). As I flipped through the pages I was like “where are my sista’s, and If I see another ‘Karma Sutra’ or ‘Ask Jake’ article I am going to burn down this apartment!” And of course my tough love friend said “Stop complaining man! If you don’t like it, stop supporting it and start one.” At first I wanted to curse him out or start crying—since at that time, those were the only two emotions I was capable of expressing.

But out of his sarcastic comment I started to smile, and said “I will.” On my way home that night all sorts of ideas started to flow, and for the first time in months I saw hope and light in my life. That next day I started researching and planning; it took two years to put my plan into action. At first I was focused on becoming a print publication, but I saw other startups that didn’t make it five months in the publishing business and I already knew that the print advertising game was no joke. Since then, I’ve moved back to Atlanta and as of last year I celebrated my 27th birthday (yup . . . I’m old) and some of my friends started asking if I was ever going to relaunch Clutch. Honestly, I had always wanted to but I went through so much during the initial launch I was kind of scared . . . but I got over it and here we are!

To me, Clutch is so much more than an online magazine—it’s my life saver. I am so blessed that we have been able to come this far, and I want to thank everyone for supporting us. The ladies and gentlemen of Clutch are creative, intelligent, and funny. Even though we are a small team, we are dedicated to putting together an online magazine that would make our parents, peers, and ancestors proud. And for me it’s fulfilling my promise to my Daddy that I will continue to elevate and love my community, as he did while he was here on Earth. So, if you ever wanna drop me a line please feel free!

Peace and Lipglass,

[email protected]

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