OK girls, we all know that your choice in accessories has the power to make or break an outfit, right? With this fact in mind, you must always weigh your options and shop for classic yet unique pieces that can be worn year after year. As the temperatures start to drop this fall, the fashion forecast calls for trading in summer accessories for looks that accentuate your cool weather wardrobe. In addition to the statement handbag and shoes that are to die for, must-have accessories for the fall include sexy toeless tights, elbow length gloves, and jaw-dropping hats.

No fall ensemble is complete without attention grabbing leg wear. This season Prada’s Ombre collection is turning heads from coast to coast with its full collection of leg wear, shoes and bags. One of the most exciting elements of this collection is the knee-high sock, which happens to be toeless! What an amazing way to play off of the open toe shoe trend that every designer is re-introducing this fall. I realize that some of you may think the open toe shoe is a no-no for cooler weather, but let’s be honest, this look isn’t for everyone and only a true fashionista will know how to wear it well. Prada’s take on this sexy little sock retails for $135 and is sold out nationwide. But have no fear—Pieces will be launching its own more affordable rendition of this trend and it’s scheduled to hit our stores early November!

Next up for accessories is what I consider to be a new twist on retro looks. Fall jewelry is all about glam, glam, and more glam! From pearls, to black lacquer and stones, it’s all about urban elegance. With so much glitz to choose from, we must be very careful not to over-accessorize with jewelry that competes with shiny or sparkly clothing. Keep your accessories at a minimum, ladies. This is the key to maintaining balance.

Belts continue to be a staple this season. Practically every look, ranging from skinny to corset styles are making a comeback this fall. Be on the lookout for vintage inspired belts with rich suede and leather accents. Gold detailing and bolder buckles will provide an update to the styles we saw in season’s past.

Last but not least, this fall’s looks are practically begging for completion with fabulous coifs and graceful above-the-elbow length gloves in bright contrasting hues. From the timeless flop hat to the cloche styles, great headwear will be a signature look this season. Nothing beats the attitudinal strut of a woman rocking an amazing cloche hat pulled down over the eye for that extra hint of sass!

Have women ever considered how much time they spend taking off bracelets just to put on a jacket? How about the time you invest taking off a pair of earrings just to talk on the phone comfortably? In my opinion, bigger is not always better when it comes to accessories. Yes, they may look good, but they’re not always functional. Accessories like bracelets should be simple and serve as an accent piece—not the main act. A great statement ring could also play the same role. Women love to wear all of these huge bangles and rings but their arms are slowly becoming weapons of mass destruction and they don’t even realize it!

As far as I’m concerned, accessories this fall should be modern and clean with a bit of urban edge. Just because you have a huge accessory collection doesn’t mean you have to show it off all at once. If you’re looking in the mirror with a certain degree of uncertainty about your accessory choices this fall, by all means, take something off.

Now to one of my all time favorite accessories . . . hats! I have to agree with Latisha here. A woman who can wear a hat and make a statement is definitely going to turn heads this fall. Among both men and women, it takes a certain amount of panache to wear a hat well. To those who dare and do it the right way, we tip our hats to you!

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    I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair of footless knee-high socks

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    I am new to ciber world and I enjoy reading about fashion trends. This is the first time I felt inspired to comment and I have been online on many sites for at least 4hr today . In the past I did not have time ,I was too busy working. I am starting a new bus.It is fashion driven. You did a great job delivertng the infomation. Thank you and god bless you and your family.