I know what they say about diamonds but in my opinion, handbags are a girl’s best friend! From vintage steals to luxury brands, a handbag says a lot about your style. Every woman—from young girls to grandmothers—wants to feel great about the bag she’s sporting. Why shouldn’t we? We carry so much of our lives around in our handbags that they become an extension of us.

This fall, old school shapes are the big thing. Many designers have created utilitarian styles that can keep you looking fly from the office to the streets. Drawstring clutches and totes are popping up in unexpected places as well. With most every designer launching handbag lines recently, you’re sure to find the one worthy of going home with you!

I never understood why women feel the need to carry around something as big as luggage on their shoulders day in and day out! Why, ladies? The bigger the bag, the more junk you carry. Latisha’s bags are so huge that when I call her cell phone, it takes her forever to answer because the phone is buried at the bottom of this gigantic suitcase she’s carrying.

My thoughts on handbags, be it this fall or next, is keep it simple and sexy. What ever happened to a sophisticated clutch? These bags have just enough room for essentials and they’re so compact that if you ever need to find something, you’ll never have to search for long.

Sweetie, I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one. All of this talk about handbags has me in the mood to shop! Following is my “wish list” of this fall’s hottest handbags:
Miu Miu - Crocodile Embossed Patent Leather Tote: $1,395Prada - Washed Leather Framed Bag:  $2,250Marc by Marc Jacobs - Delancey Bag in Bordeaux: $698Yves St. Laurent - Patent Tribute Medium Flat Tote: $1,195L.A.M.B. -  Notting Hill Convertible Clutch Tote: $545

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  • I think i’m in love. And i’m soooo in agreement with you Latisha. I don’t think Colin could ever understand so we’ll excuse him. Bring on the suitcases!