latisha13.gifJust when we started looking forward to all of the calorie-drenched holidays that are fast-approaching…Fashion Week’s Spring 2008 designers truly caught us off guard. Gone are the days of voluminous, loose-fitting dresses and blouses. The reoccurring themes during Fashion Week were “tailored” and “structured.” With this in mind, it’s time to hit the gym and say hello to tighter fitting designs, my friends! Following is my take on what I consider to be the best-in-class showings of Fashion Week Spring ’08:

The Marc by Marc Jacobs show was absolutely refreshing! Usually, I find myself squinting to make out what’s coming down the runway because Marc loves to layer and accessorize. To my surprise, Spring ‘08 was all about well-constructed classic and totally wearable clothes. Vibrant and preppy designs hit the runway with structured dresses and jackets. Certainly wasn’t what most were expecting considering the maternity-inspired designs of season’s past but I love the fact that the industry’s golden boy threw us for a loop!

Without fail, KLS provided large doses of “fabulousity” during Fashion Week and as anticipated, her show was executed flawlessly! While successfully demonstrating the designer’s growth, the KLS spring collection was cohesive and featured pieces that were vibrant and fresh. KLS proved once again that it is a well-developed line created for the contemporary fashionista with urban edge. And oh yes, it also happens to be available at Pieces Boutiques!

Last but certainly not least, Zac Posen truly represented this season and in my opinion, provided the best showing of the week. With stunning jackets, tops and pants, Zac certainly knows how to tastefully dress a woman and keep us effortlessly sexy from one season to the next. Zac’s dresses were unforgettable and featured amazing tulle, lace and corset detailing. The full circle skirts in neutral colors were well received, but the eveningwear with unexpected pops of color is what separated Zac’s collection from the rest.

The key to getting your hands on the freshest pieces is to shop smart and more importantly, shop early. I know it’s hard to even imagine investing in spring pieces when we’re just wrapping up the summer but trust me, it would be well worth the early planning, ladies. A true fashion maven always thinks ahead because she knows that if she doesn’t acquire the season’s “must-haves” early, she could definitely miss the boat!

The clear message for Spring ’08: feminine styling is back and with it, the hourglass figure!

Special thanks to Clutch Magazine for inviting me to serve as guest correspondent during Fashion Week. I look forward to meeting each of you in our stores soon!

Fashionably Yours,

Latisha Daring

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  • I am very happy with Clutch…I am one of your daily readers that asked for my fashion and oh my did you all NOT disappoint!

    I can not wait to be a participant in the Fashion Week events next year!

    Thanks for keeping me abreasted Clutch!

  • autumn

    Thanks so much for sharing your fashion expertise with us Latisha! I can’t wait to make it to one of your fabulous stores!

  • Keisha

    I LOVE your BLOG! Keep it Clutch…I’ve told all my friends that this is the must go to blog for fashion.