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  • toi

    OMG! You featured my girl. I love this woman like i know her. That’s how her music makes me feel. Thank You So Much for giving her the Recognition She deserves and isn’t really receiving. her full name is ALGEBRA BLESSETT
    She has a myspace page please all do check her out. Her tour dates are on the site as well. And listen to one of my favs “What Happened?”

  • toi

    oh yes she does also sing “Do it for you”. and the song on the youtube clip is ” Nothing to Prove” my personal Anthem.

  • fifishka

    thx toi!!!!!!!! i can understand why it’s your personal anthem

  • Eb

    love her, love her love, her… have been bumping her almost 2 years now… Kedar needs to hurry up and put out the album!

  • Loves the hair…!