latisha11.gifFall is absolutely my favorite season of the year! There is nothing like fall’s amazing textures, prints, detailed jackets and cozy tunics. I enjoy summer dresses and sexy sandals as much as the next woman but style is truly defined when you can stand out in a crowd and be fully dressed.

This fall, fashion is going in countless directions. There are trends for every woman and all body types. As such, it’s up to you to decide which pieces will make it into your wardrobe this season and which won’t make the cut!

Remember ladies, fashion trends should appeal to your individual style, not MAKE it! Carefully choose items this season that will work with your existing wardrobe, while enhancing your body’s silhouette. Every trend is not for every body nor is every trend worth investing in. The key to being stylish is feeling and looking amazing in what you’re wearing and choosing key pieces that are classic with a modern twist. We all get excited when a new season hits but how many of us truly prepare to shop for a new season? With this question in mind, following is an overview of the Fall trends I’m feeling good about right now:

For outerwear, this fall brings the return of the shrunken jacket, which comes in tight, short, or swing and boxy styles. Popular textures for the season include leathers, velvet, tweed and even silk. Colorful dresses are still huge—but trust me, the pant is even bigger now that there is a fit for every body type. Pleats, plain front, cuffs or no cuffs, every woman must have at least one pair of wide leg pants. They say don’t sweat the small stuff but accessories can make or break a look . . . this season’s mantra: the bigger and bolder the better!

Leggings and tights are still the ultimate layering element and accessory for fall paired with chunky knits, long tunics, sweater jackets, and vests. Last season’s leggings are still hot but the new and improved versions come in the form of stirrup riding pants and bold colors. Be on the lookout for tons of menswear influences with wide leg trousers, button up shirtdresses, vests, and detailed shirting.

My husband and business partner, Colin, and I usually agree while deciphering what’s hot and what’s not in the world of fashion. But let’s face it—we’re human, so we’re bound to disagree at some point! That said, I thought it would be great to have Colin weigh in and provide the male’s perspective on this fall’s hottest trends. Getting dressed is fun but before we get all dolled up, it helps to know what the fellas think, right?

Join us tomorrow as we discuss the season’s hottest fabrics and colors. Get out your pads and pens, folks. Class is in session!

Fashionably Yours,

Latisha Daring

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  • Great report! And yes, I would be interested (as well as my clients) to see what the Colin’s perspective would be on men’s fashion for the fall.