colinlatisha1.jpgLATISHA: Let’s get straight to the point: bright bold colors and plaids will be extremely popular this fall, ladies! A lot of designers are really taking it there with rich, jewel-toned hues that compliment every complexion like emerald, fuchsia, plum, teal and mustard. What I really love about this trend is that it demonstrates a woman’s conviction to color because the tones are so bold and so vivid! If worn correctly, these jewel-toned colors are really going to give us a chance to get creative with interesting and totally unexpected color and fabric combinations.

Although fall is full of quite a few menswear-influenced styles, it’s great to keep it glam with glitz, sequins, and stones. Speaking of menswear, wools and tweeds in rich and colorful textures will also be huge. Many times, we sacrifice warmth for fashion (yes, I’m even guilty of it) but with this season’s heavier fabrics we can have it all!

Baby, what do you think?

Let’s be clear ladies, I’m not the expert here but I DO know what looks good on a woman and what does NOT. As you know, I’m Latisha’s husband and business partner, but I’ve been involved in fashion way before I even knew I had style! My mom was a Jamaican immigrant and she had a sewing room in the basement of our home where she made clothing and even wedding dresses for people in the community. Growing up, she would always want to know what I thought about an article of clothing she was making. Believe it or not, she always told me I had great taste!

Growing up in Brooklyn also forced me to be fashion conscious. Fashion was the way I set myself apart—let’s just say it was everything! You HAD to look hot in the streets to get respect in BK. I remember spending my last dime to get the latest Polo pieces by Ralph Lauren. It was serious! But I digress . . .

Ladies, you’ve heard what my lovely wife had to say about this fall’s fabrics and colors, but here are my thoughts:

I can honestly say that I like the tweeds and wool fabrics that are seen everywhere this fall. There’s something about a woman rocking menswear-inspired clothing yet making it hers by adding the feminine curves. As far as the bold colors that are hot right now—this is a really good look! ANYTHING that keeps you ladies out of wearing black from head to toe is all right with me. I feel like everyone plays off of black as an anchor color. Like grey is the “new black” or navy is the “new black.” Let’s get away from black all together, folks! Add some color to your life. You don’t have to look like you’re going to a funeral everyday!

That’s about it for now. I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to chime in and give the ladies of Clutcha man’s perspective on what’s hot and what’s not this season.

Thanks, baby! Ladies, I hope that Colin’s thoughts on fabrics and colors for the fall were as helpful to you as it has been for me. Tomorrow we get into the good stuff—fall denim must-haves!

With Much Style,

Colin and Latisha

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  • amber

    what an awesome couple. beautiful, talented, driven AND stylish…perfect combination! continued success to your business and your marriage! :)

  • Peace yall. Good stuff. Colin, thanks for adding on with the male’s perspective on women’s wear. I feel like women comment on our attire (considering people usually dress for the opposite sex), but we do not do it enough for women. I think what you two are doing here is very constructive. Keep it up.

    Oh yeah! I agree with y’all, I feel wool is such a distiguishable fabric. But not allot of people wear it.


  • Kim

    I really enjoyed the this it was really nice information. And it gives you a man’s point of veiw and that really nice. Good luck and keep up the good work.