latisha1.gifLatisha Daring is co-founder and CEO of Pieces Inc.—a boutique retail chain with locations in Harlem, Brooklyn, and its newest location in Silver Spring, Maryland. Latisha has been in retail since she was a junior in high school and at the age of 16 obtained her first fashion industry job in sales at the GAP. Despite her growing passion for style and amazing eye for fashion, Latisha pursued her higher education at Albany University and majored in Political Science with an emphasis in politics and corporate law. While it wasn’t her dream job, this route seemed “safer” than a career than fashion. Latisha worked full-time at the newest addition to the clothing retailer Gap Inc., sister company Old Navy until her senior year.

After graduating from Albany University with her Bachelors Degree in Political Science, Latisha moved back to NYC to obtain an entry level management position at New York City’s first Old Navy Store on West 18th St and 6th Avenue. It was here that she obtained the training and foundation that has led to her success today. Old Navy also happened to be the birthplace of a relationship with her future husband and business partner, Colin Daring. Always focused, Latisha excelled in her Old Navy position and rose up through the ranks landing the coveted position of store manager after ten years of service. Once she got the training and experience she needed in New York, Latisha decided that she should pursue her passion and continue to work in fashion but still did not know in what capacity.

Next stop for Latisha Daring . . . Atlanta! With support from an aunt in Atlanta who had been a storeowner for years, Latisha was confident that she’d made the right move. Her instincts were right. In the city of Atlanta, Latisha was able to experience the retail business from an entrepreneurial perspective. During her time in the ATL, Latisha met and worked with numerous celebrities including Pink, Xscape, and Outkast just to name a few. After making a name for herself in Atlanta, Latisha felt it was time to move back to New York and carve her own piece of success but she hit the same wall, not knowing which way to turn with a feeling deep down inside that something was definitely missing.

Now that she was back in New York City, it was time for Latisha to make something happen for herself in the fashion business. While Latisha was getting reacquainted with the industry in New York, she also got reacquainted with her former beau and fellow fashion industry peer, Colin Daring. Colin and Latisha joined hands in marriage on Sept 21, 2000.

Understanding that she needed experience in the luxury market if she was truly going to be successful, Latisha took on a position as the women’s store manager at Kenneth Cole. Always the entrepreneur, Latisha decided to test her skills by buying and selling merchandise to friends and family as a side hustle while working with Kenneth Cole. With much success, these events turned into highly anticipated home shopping parties which eventually gave birth to the brand “Pieces.”

While driving home from a home shopping party one night on Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn, Latisha spotted a perfectly positioned corner commercial space and realized that although the shopping parties were taking off, she needed a stationary space. After five months of persistence to obtain the lease, limited finances, and 14 days of demo and construction done by the Darings with help from a cousin, Pieces’ Brooklyn location opened in June of 2000. At that moment Latisha began to live her dream!

Pieces continues to be a highly-respected name in the fashion industry with a signature namesake clothing line that has been embraced by even the most discriminating fashionista. With locations in Brooklyn, Harlem, and Silver Spring, Maryland, the possibilities are infinite for Pieces Boutiques and this dynamic duo!

Clutch is honored to have Latisha as our style expert and special correspondent for Fashion Week 2007.

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  • What?? I am stopping by that boutique!! It looks so cute!

  • kudos Latisha.

  • lol

    Hah! Don’t be fooled she’s no style icon she just googles new designers and sells this most expensive and “different” looking things she’ll find, trust me been there.