Choices, choices, choices! As a woman, we absolutely love to have choices and this fall the world of denim gives every woman, no matter their height or shape, several fabulous options for hot and sexy looking denim. High-waisted skinny jeans, high-waisted wide leg jeans, and the straight leg . . . these are the three fits that every girl must own to complete her fall wardrobe.

In addition to these figure-flattering cuts, color is a fresh outlook on denim this season and I’m feeling it! Gone are the days of owning twenty pairs of boring blue jeans. This fall, slip into the season’s new take on denim in rich chocolate hues, olive, black, and if you’re ready there are even bolder denim washes like fuchsia and turquoise!

With so many denim choices it’s important to determine which cut compliments your body the most. Please don’t be afraid to ask the sales person what they think. Take a friend or your man shopping with you—denim is an investment so you’ve got to make the right picks!

Trends aren’t true trends anymore in my book—especially when it comes to denim. Different looks go in and out of style so fast now that women need a lot of help just to keep up on what’s new and old at the same time!

The one thing that is still high on every designer’s list is denim. The high waist was a fresh feel in jeans but now they’ve taken it a bit further with the “super” high waist. Sorry ladies, NOT a good look in my book. I always say if you can’t put it on two years from now, how valid is it in your closet? I don’t like to waste money. If you’re going to make an investment—and as Latisha said, denim these days is an investment—make it worth your dollars.

As far as the cuts that are hot right now, I’m still feeling the skinny jean because it seems to give every woman curves. Hey, I’m a man and curves are good! Sure, there has been a lot of talk about the wide leg but it only looks good on a girl that is five foot eight or taller. For the woman who is vertically challenged, feel free to do a straight leg, sweetie—it’s always a classic look!

Wear it well,

Colin and Latisha

Must-Have Denim - Fall 2007Must-Have Denim - Fall 2007Must-Have Denim - Fall 2007Must-Have Denim - Fall 2007

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    Colin is funny. Dose he have a brother?