skincare.gifI just celebrated a birthday at the end of August, and I really went all out since it was my 21st. We partied hard and had . . . What? OK, OK—I turned 25. You got me. So for my 25th birthday, we went all out, we had this . . . OK! I didn’t turn 25, truth be told I turned 29. There I said it—are you happy? I am officially one year away from turning 30 and I am scared to pieces. I mean I wouldn’t have a problem turning 30 if I didn’t look like I was turning 30. My skin is discolored and dry, and my fine lines aren’t so fine anymore. So, not to long after my 29th I decided I had to face the truth. I was getting older and I had to start taking better care of my skin.

I found the solution in the truth . . . a truth serum to be exact. MD Skincare, a leader in the skincare industry, has just introduced their new line of Truth Serums which include the Hydra-Pure® Vitamin C Serum ($90, mdskincare.com). Vitamin C is the most potent anti-aging ingredient. This potent serum contains three forms of Vitamin C to deliver a maximum punch of potency to each layer of the skin. It helps repair damage to each layer of the skin and prevent future damage to collagen. Hydra-Pure Vitamin C Serum helps reverse the visible signs of aging and promotes collagen growth.

I decided to try MD Skincare’s Hydra-Pure Vitamin C Serum to see what it could do for my damaged skin, and I was surprised to see the serum really works. I slather it on under my makeup in the mornings, and I apply it on a clean face before bed. After just one use my skin feels smoother, looks healthier, and my fine lines are starting to be less noticeable. So while I may not be looking forward to turning 30, I am looking forward to be the youngest looking 30-year-old around. And that’s the truth.

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  • Nicole(Atlanta)

    Nicole, I am difinitely in the same boat. I will be 30 next year ARRRGGHHH, NOOOOOO!!! I am expericing weird things with my skin at the age of 29, and here I thought it was the water in Atlanta. Its because of age, what a bummer.

    I think I shall try this serum. Thanks Nicole

  • AndILoveIT

    I am only 27 but I am feeling the midlife crisis thing coming on. I need to go pick some of this serum up quick.