lipscribbbig.jpgHaving a sweet tooth doesn’t make it easy to fit into my favorite jeans. I mean, I can’t pass by a cupcake counter, a vending machine with candy bars or a movie theater snack counter, without giving my taste buds something to sample. So naturally any beauty product that even remotely smells sweet I am drawn to. So when I recently stumbled upon the lip scrub by sara happ I was obsessed from the first smell. The lip scrub is concocted with an exfoliating sugar base and infused with natural extracts. This amazing scrub comes in six yummy flavors—Almond Crème, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar, Cocoa, Peppermint, and Vanilla Bean ($20, thelipscrub.com).

The flavors alone made me try the lip scrub, but in order to make it into my daily makeup and skincare routine it would have to really deliver. Could the lip scrub, the original lip exfoliator, make my lips soft and supple? I would have to test it out and see. One day after dipping my nose in it for five straight minutes, I exfoliated my lips as I showered, dried off and went to apply my makeup. Right away my lipstick went on much smoother. Two days into my trial run my lips were noticeably less dry and my lipgloss stayed on better. I was sold and a true believer in the lip scrub. And I am not the only one—celebrities such as Kate Homes, Charlize Theron, and Lindsay Lohan have been snatching this product off of their favorite boutiques shelves. So now I can have soft, supple lips as I bite into my favorite cupcake. What? As much as I love to smell things, sometimes a girl has got to have a taste or two. Or three. OK, the whole cupcake!

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  • SexyLADY1

    YUMMY!!!! I have to try these out. The flavors do sound tempting. Thanks for the info!


    I am a cupcake addict too! But these sound really amazing. I am going to have to check the website out.

  • Ordering now. Also plan to post on my blog and will link to your entry. I love you guys!