Some Highlights from Our October Issue…

  • Nia Long
  • 10 Questions with Fonzworth Bentley
  • E.Lynn Harris
  • Algebra
  • Rebecca Minkoff
  • Jenette Jenkins – The Hollywood Trainer
  • Plus-Size Diva: Monif C.
  • Dr. Susan Taylor
  • Rantings, Random Thoughts, and Realizations on Race by a Young Black Woman
  • Being an Artist Trapped in Corporate America
  • Reorganizing Your Wardrobe for the Winter

    and so much more….

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    • EclecticSoul

      CAN’T WAIT!!!

    • october 1st can’t come soon enough. i know this new issue is going to be another HOT one! :)

    • tremaine

      oh my goodness! 10 questions w/ Farnsworth Bentley? I am waiting on pins and needles to read this. lol…

    • tremaine

      Oops* scratch that… *Fonzworth