Did you know that 77% of black women are “concerned” about the way they are portrayed in popular media while another 71% believe they are portrayed in a more negative light than any other racial group in the country? What’s worse is the fact that 69% believe that impressionable teens are negatively influenced by these images of black women portrayed by media.

As part of a recent study by Procter and Gamble in partnership with ESSENCE Magazine, these disturbing statistics clearly indicate that it’s time for a positive change.

Enter P&G’s newly launched My Black is Beautiful initiative. P&G has always been at the forefront of recognizing and celebrating beauty and the African-American community. The My Black is Beautiful initiative underscores this commitment by giving black women, from all generations and walks of life, an outlet to actively engage in conversation about not only what is beautiful to them, but what is beautiful about them.

A movement created by, for and about black women, My Black is Beautiful is committed to igniting a national conversation that will not only change how black women are viewed by popular culture, but also how they are viewed by themselves. Empowering women with the confidence to fully embrace the strength and beauty they were born with, the My Black is Beautiful initiative includes the following key elements:

As a call to action, Clutch Magazine is encouraging women to visit www.myblackisbeautiful.com to share their thoughts on the initiative and let their voices be heard.

The My Black is Beautiful movement is supported by a wide array of Procter & Gamble’s leading brands, including Pantene® Pro-V Relaxed & Natural, Cover Girl® Queen Collection, Olay® Definity, Crest®, Secret®, Tampax® and Always®.

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  • zeda perkins

    I think this is absolutley wonderful. I am planning my first orientation in a couple of weeks to introduce the women I have invited to the conversation group so that I can answer any questions any participants may have and lay the ground rules for upcoming meetings