With a tag like “Once you blog black you never go back” how could we not love Stereohyped! Lauren’s witty take on politics, current events, and all things celebrity makes this blog one of our fave daily reads. This is the perfect site to visit when you know you should probably be working, but you’d much rather be getting your daily dose of gossip and other news you can use.


Lauren: www.stereohyped.com

Why did you start “Stereohyped”?
I started Stereohyped with Jossip Initiatives, because we wanted to offer a blog that covered all aspects of black culture, including gossip, current events, historical issues, and entertainment.

Why did you name your blog “Stereohyped”?
It’s funny, a lot of people look at the word “stereo” and think it’s a music blog. Stereohyped is actually a play on the word “Stereotyped.” Our readers, most of whom are 20- or 30-something blacks, know a bit about being lumped into stereotypes. We wanted the blog to be an escape from that.

When did “Stereohyped” launch?
It launched on April 23rd, so it’s still kind of a baby in the blog world.

Describe the style and attitude of “Stereohyped”?
Stereohyped gives a witty and tongue-in-cheek take on lighthearted news and presents serious issues in a way that informs without being preachy and promotes dialogue. Basically, Stereohyped alternates between sassy and thoughtful, depending on the post.

What TV shows or blogs/websites are a must in your daily schedule?
How much space do you have? I watch a lot of TV, and I wouldn’t have a life if I didn’t have a DVR. But I watch anything from the silly – So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Next Top Model, to the serious – The Wire – to the completely random – Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel. As for blogs, I love Crunk & Disorderly and Bossip for gossip, The New York Times and The Washington Post for news, and Racialicious and What About Our Daughters for race and/or feminism issues.

What issue or problem in Black America do you wish Black Americans would just wake up and deal with instead of continuously brushing it under the rug?
There are so many! Crime, particularly black-on-black crime, is a major concern that doesn’t get as much media attention as, say, the war on hip hop, because it’s not “in vogue” right now with so-called black leaders, and it won’t increase news show ratings or newspaper circulation. One could say it’s not “sexy” enough to be an issue that gets press or makes opportunistic activists famous. But the fact remains that half of the people murdered in the United States are black, and nine out of ten of those murders are committed by other black people. It’s not a problem that’s going to go away on it’s own.

I could also write a dissertation on misogyny and homophobia in the black community, but you only asked for one issue!

One of Clutch missions is to help redefine our image in the media, what’s your mission or purpose for Stereohyped?
Our purpose is to provide a news, gossip and lifestyle blog to the young black community, which is generally underserved in the mainstream media.

How do you decide what and who to cover on your blog?
A lot of my own news judgment has to come into play. If I care about something affecting the black community, I find that at least some of my readers do, too. And when a news story or a gossip item is not on my radar, I usually get emails from readers letting me know that they think a certain item deserves coverage. It’s kind of a combination of what interests me and what I think would interest the majority of my readers.

If you could interview anyone in the world who would it be and what would you ask them?
This question is tough, because there are so many people who are inaccessible to me that I want to interview. If I had to narrow it down to one person based on how I feel right this second, it would be Oprah Winfrey. I know it sounds trite, but what she has done with her life in a relatively short amount of time is awe-inspiring. Oprah is a force that transcends race, class, gender, and even nationality! I admire her, but there are also things she does and says that I strongly disagree with. Basically, she’s just a fascinating person. The first thing I would ask her is, “Can I have a job?”

With the 2008 Presidential Election right around the corner, who do you predict will be the next leader of the United States?
As anyone who reads my blog can tell you, I’m a big fan of Barack Obama, but I’m not convinced that he is going to win the Democratic nomination. If I go by the current poll data and the belief/hope that there is no way our country is going to elect a Republican president next year, I predict Hillary Clinton will be our president. It’s an outcome I’d be happy with.

What is the future of “Stereohyped”?
Since Stereohyped is such a new blog, its future possibilities are endless. Eventually, we’d like to expand coverage, add more features, and some guest columnists. We already have a few things in the works, so stay tuned!

In five words describe “Stereohyped”?
Funny, serious, informative, extensive and eye-opening

Why should someone add “Stereo-hyped” to his or her daily blog reading list?
My favorite thing about Stereohyped – yes, I know I’m biased – is that it’s kind of one stop shopping for entertainment news, celebrity gossip, politics, and current events that affect the black community. In other words, it’s a nice, efficient way to stay informed.

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    Thank You! Lauren.

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